Hair Trends This Autumn

Hair Styles Trends for the Monsoon!

From loose textured waves to perfect centre parts, we present to you the hairstyle trends that you can take from the runway to real life in just a few minutes!

1. Edgy Bobs

Want to chop it all off or lighten things up? The new trend this season is the shoulder-skimming bob. Want to go a step further? Streak your hair with a vibrant hue (red, blue, or even green!) and go all out to celebrate your new makeover!

2. Ballerina Buns

Whether painstakingly neat or artfully dishevelled, high buns inspired by ballet dancers (hence the name ‘ballerina’) have taken over the fashion industry like a wave.

3. Mermaid Waves

Autumn’s most feminine trend is the fresh-from-the-sea mermaid waves. Wear it with plenty of volume on a slanted side parting to add even more texture to the look. The best part? It goes well with both ethnic and western wear!

4. Sweeping fringes

Afraid to chop in a full-on fringe? This season’s sweeping side-partings are perfect for trying out the look of bangs without fully committing. Finish the look with a high-gloss hairspray and shine your way through any crowd!

5. Braids and Twists

Braided hairstyles make space for creativity, and that is why they are one of the trendiest hairstyles this season. There are many interesting braiding techniques, and you can experiment with highlights, natural or curly texture, clips, patterns, shapes, etc.

The colours that are making news this season are the dark ones. Hues such as ombre, chestnut red and deep plum really set in the mood for autumn. What look are you sporting today? 



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