The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Find Mother's Day Gift Ideas on Junglee

‘There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.’

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and here at Junglee we want to make sure you pick just the right gift for the most important woman in your life.

The Super Chef mom:

Is your mom always trying out a new recipe? Does she love cooking and feeding people? Gift her something that will help her show off those culinary skills to everyone else! Here are some options that you could consider:

How about a cookbook?

Maybe some kitchen appliances could do the trick?

The Trendsetter Mom:

If your mom knows the latest styles and trends in the market and has a flair for fashion then here are some gifting ideas that will make you the favourite child for the rest of the year. It might be a little risky, but it can be really rewarding too!

Why don’t you get her some jewelry and add some sparkle?

 Or a saree, that you know she’ll look absolutely gorgeous in.

The Working Mom:

We know this kind of mom and she means business. She doesn’t indulge in clothes or jewelry very often and cooking isn’t really her hobby. However you know she takes her work very seriously, so you could get her something she could use.

A stylish watch could be perfect with her professional look.

Or maybe, a handbag which can hold everything from her office supplies to her make up.

Just perfect, don’t you think?

The Tech Mom:

If your mom loves her gadgets then your life has just been made easier! Get her the latest Samsung S4 or the iPad that she’s been eyeing for a while now. You’ve noticed that she’s been putting up photos on Instagram lately; maybe buying her a new camera would encourage her to take up photography more seriously. Here are some ideas that could help you pick something up for the mom who loves her tech toys.

 Gifts for the tech mom.

For every mom:

Here are some timeless gifts that every mom would cherish. Order her a fresh bunch of her favorite flowers (Even if they are lilies or tulips and are difficult to get!); for she will appreciate the gesture immensely. You could make a memory album or a collage that she could hang up on the wall.  

And give it to her in a nice photo frame...

All in all, it is the thought that really counts. Go that extra mile to make her day special and tell her how much she means to you in her life. She’s cooked, cleaned, taken care of you when you’re ill, given you a hug when you’re down, seen you through your best and worst days and shaped you to be the person you are today.  Tell her how grateful you are by spending the day with her, for no gift comes as close as the gift of time. Happy shopping to all of you, and hope all of you have a fantastic mother’s day!

(Author: Radhika Narayan)



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