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Today, mobile phones are packed with multiple features and receive constant upgrades. Therefore, a simple listing of a  phone's specifications seldom provides enough information to make a decision on which mobile to buy. Enter detailed reviews and descriptions on Video reviews are a part of this exercise and are designed to walk you through all the features of the phone you’re checking out, adding on to detailed specification listings, customer reviews, ratings, a list of all the sellers from whom the phone can be purchased and the prices offered by them.

To illustrate, here’s a review for the Apple iPhone 4S:

As you can see, the above review covers the various aspects of the iPhone 4S, its differences from the previous iPhone, and also details out how its features enhance or affect usage- which is definitely helpful while selecting a new phone.

 If you’d like to compare this against other mobiles- video reviews, seller details, specifications, and customer ratings are available for several other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Sony Xperia Arc S, and the HTC Explorer, in the mobiles section on Junglee.

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