Brave the Rains and Celebrate!

It is raining cats and dBuy the perfect clothing for monsoon online!ogs. Braving all those puddles, you have to reach office on time. As you turn to cross the road, an auto-rickshaw passes by, splashing muddy water on you. Next, you try to catch a bus but end up getting drenched in the thick downpour. On reaching office, you try to wash off the mud and squeeze out the excess water from your clothes, but in vain. The result - you shiver the whole day in the air-conditioned environment.

Monsoons are great fun – the sound of rain, the fragrance of wet earth, the amazing weather – everything about the monsoons is just perfect. However, true as it is for everything else, the rains have their cons, too. Illnesses, insects, clogged traffic and the obvious hazards of getting wet in the rain are just a few things we need to be careful about in this weather. It is of utmost importance to be dressed properly this Buy flip flops and rain boots online this rainy season!season. You need something that dries fast and keeps you warm at the same time. Avoid crepes or chiffons as they don't keep up well in the wet weather and get crinkled easily. Colours like green, yellow and orange are trending in this weather, and outfits such as skirts, jumpsuits, maxis and cropped pants fit the bill. The best part? Lots of options to choose from!

While choosing for those that keep you grounded all day, you might want to look at both flip-flops and rain boots. While flip-flops dry faster and keep you cool throughout the day, the latter will protect your feet from mud and dirt.

And while we are at it, why pick a romantic movie and enjoy it over a hot cup of coffee? Sounds like a plan?



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