Insider’s Tips on Shopping During the Sale Season


It’s said that the storekeeper always knows the best discounts. Many customers are curious to know how insiders shop during the sale season. Here’s a bunch of tips on how to shop during EOSS, shared by a Junglee team member.

Make a list: I always make a list of all things that I need. Without a shopping list, I become a ship without a rudder and come back with loads of useless junk, not to mention, an empty wallet!

Get your basics: Always start with the basics as they never go out of fashion. Think denim shirts, classic blue jeans, tees in white and grey, LBD, silk sarees, a pair of pumps.

Shop seasonal: During the winter EOSS, when people are busy scouting for summer clothes, I head straight to the winter wear section and buy pullovers, mufflers and stockings for the next year—they are so heavily discounted.

Wait for the markdown: Sales typically begin in the first week of January but merchandise starts being heavily marked down in the 3rd of 4th week of January. Wait a little longer and you might get those pair of lovely boots cheaper... of course you run the risk of not getting it in your size at all.


Set price alerts: If I like something but don’t want to buy it just then as I feel that it might be marked down further, I set a price alert for it on Junglee. Every time price falls by a significant number, I get an update in my mailbox.

Check prices online even while shopping at the mall: Even when I am shopping at a mall, I always check the Junglee app before buying high ticket items. Once, I almost got cheated while buying a treadmill—the online price was lesser by 20%. I immediately walked out of the store while the executive was still packing the equipment for me!

Not your size? Don’t be sad: If you don’t get your size at the store; search for the same product online. More often than not, you will find your size in one of the many online shopping sites.



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