10 Ways To Tackle Summers – Junglee listicle

Is the summer heat driving you crazy? Do you feel like you are getting baked every time you step outdoors? Sweat making you fret? Don't worry! Here are some simple steps to keep cool during summer and tackle these unbearable temperatures. Keep reading :) 



 1. .Water therapy 


Your body loses water in perspiration. Drink up to 12 glasses of pure and fresh water every day 



2. Fruit therapy

Binge on fruits like mango, watermelon, pineapple, pears and other citrus fruits that are cooling and have high water content. Have a glass of fruit juice instead of aerated drinks.


3.Avoid caffeine and alcohol

They constrict blood vessels near the skin reducing the amount of heat the body can release. Although these seem to quench your thirst, they cause dehydration.


4. Dress easy

Avoid wearing extremely tight-fitted clothes / synthetic fabrics. Not only will they make you feel stifled but they could also cause prickly heat as well as other skin irritations and rashes. So bring out your whites, cottons, linens and flaunt those summer dresses and hot pants!


5. Go for a short hairdo

Now is the perfect time to get a makeover. Get a chic hairstyle which is short and does not bother your neck. Also, switch to a shampoo which has menthol.



6. Deodorants FTW

Needless to say, sweating causes an unpleasant body odour. Do use a good deodorant every day, but make sure you don’t spray it too much.


7.Slather sunscreen

Protect your skin from the harsh heat with an effective sunscreen lotion. Keep your skin healthy and tan-free.

8. Eye gear

Sunglasses are not just a fashion statement, but a necessity. Invest in a pair which has 100% UV protection and not just fashion value.


9. Stay indoors

Get a good air conditioner for your home and avoid outdoors, especially in the afternoons.



10. Bathe often ;)

This is the best way to beat the heat! Have a cold shower twice a day and you’re good to go.




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