Beauty Basics: How to Apply Eye Makeup

How to apply eyemakep

Many of us wonder how some women manage to look picture perfect on a daily basis. Truthfully, all it takes is a little makeup know-how. In this blog post, we talk about how to apply eye makeup and all the products needed to get picture perfect eyes. It’s a lot easier than it looks.


Concealer: Start off by covering up dark circles or under-eye pigmentation with a concealer that matches your skin tone. For most people, a small amount of concealer just below the inner corner of the eye should suffice. But, concealer can also come in handy for prepping the entire under-eye region. Place three or four dots of concealer under the eye and dab it in with the tip of your ring finger until it’s completely blended in.



Primer: While applying makeup, it’s always good to start off by priming the area that you’re working on; in this case, the eyes. Use an eye primer on the entire eye lid. This is absolutely essential for oily skin. Primer ensures that your makeup lasts longer, and in this case, also keeps it from creasing.



eyeshadowEyeshadow: Using a three or four toned eyeshadow is a good way to contour and brighten the eyes. Start off by applying the colour that you want to use on the actual lid of your eye, starting from the base of your eyelashes to the crease of the eye (for a natural look stick to peaches, pinks, and browns), using a small flat makeup brush to dab it on. Next, use a darker shade in the crease of the eye (for a natural look, use a brown toned eyeshadow that’s a shade darker than your natural skin tone). Then, use a light shade (a few shades lighter than your skin tone) just under the eyebrows, to highlight the brow line. To add an element of drama or smokiness to the look, dab in a dark shade of eyeshadow (use a dark brown for a natural look) starting from the outer corner of your eye to a little less than midway through the length of your eyelid, always keeping the darker colour below the crease of the eye. At each step make sure to blend the colour in by patting it down gently with your fingertips or a makeup brush.

eyelinerEyeliner: There are four kinds of eyeliner you could use- a pencil, liquid liner, gel liner, or cream liner, depending on which one you’re most comfortable with. Cream or gel liners give you the most amount of control. There are several ways to apply eyeliner to achieve a wide variety of looks. The two most basic are, drawing a subtle line from the corner of the eye to the point where the eyelashes begin, for a simple, natural look; or drawing in a thicker line (thin at the corners, thickening as you move to the centre) along the length of the eyelid, extending it a little beyond the corner of the eye, for a more dramatic effect.

eyelash curler



Curl your lashes: Curling your eyelashes using an eyelash curler, makes shorter lashes look more curved and longer, and can make even naturally long lashes look much lovelier.






Mascara: To get this just right, place the mascara wand at the base of your eyelashes and gently pat along the entire baseline. Finish off with a sweep of mascara along the length of your eyelashes. Apply mascara on the lower lashes as well.



The routine should take no more than ten to fifteen minutes, and it’s a sure shot way to gorgeous peepers. Explore a wide range eye makeup in the Beauty section on Junglee.



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