Summer Trend: Lace

Summer'13 trends- lace

After a short break, lace is back at the forefront, in some surprisingly refreshing new trends. Forget all you learnt about lace being staid and boring. Lace, this summer, is fun, young, still feminine, and can definitely be edgy if that’s the way you want it!

Here are a few cool ways to wear this beautifully feminine fabric.

The Classic lace dress is one way to go. But this nifty little once wardrobe-staple has a few tricks up its sleeve this season. While you’re unlikely to go wrong in a basic black, white or cream lace dress, don’t miss out on the bolder colours that have made their foray onto ramps and into wardrobes. It’s also a great way to keep it young, while wearing lace. If you aren’t quite ready to slip into a red lace dress just yet, you can still try a contemporary cut- peplum for instance (yes, we know, old cut-new take, but we can’t deny the new edge this flattering style has taken on).

Adding androgynous pieces of clothing to your ensemble is another way to wear this trend. This one’s great for work. Picture a pair of palazzo pants and a chic lace top, throw in a lace box clutch, and you have a winner. You could also try wearing a blazer with a lacy blouse underneath it, or a lace skirt with a structured vest and a basic white or cream top. Think of this look as tossing an additional dash of femininity into the basic androgynous look.

Using lace accents, trim and applique is another direction you could take with this trend. Lace-trim looks just as great on skinny jeans, as it does on an otherwise plain dress or blouse. A hint of lace can go a long way towards instantly glamming up an outfit. You can play it safe and carry a lace clutch or throw on a lace scarf, or you can be a little more adventurous and try lace applique nail-art, sheer lace leggings or lace trim on footwear- lace pumps and ballerinas? To die for!



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