Furnishing your Living Room

Furnishing your Living RoomA living room is usually the piece de resistance when it comes to home décor; but decorating it and getting it just right, is usually no easy task. Here’s a list of six things which will make it much simpler.


Visualizing what you want the room to look like, can help crystallize the image of what you really want in your mind, minimizing the chances of switching themes during the process, resulting in your living room looking like a mishmash of multiple disjointed ideas. With a plan, your living room is more likely to resemble what you actually set out to create – especially since it’ll help you allocate your budget for the right things.


Choose furniture based on the dimensions of your living room. For instance, if you have a long and narrow living room, it’s a good idea to look at corner sofas as opposed to standard separate sofa sets. Also avoid lining up furniture against the room’s walls, unless it’s unavoidable, as doing this tends to make the room look smaller.

Flooring & Carpets

Make sure the flooring or carpets are similar to or darker than the shade you’ve chosen for your walls. If the actual colour of the flooring does not complement the theme you have in mind, camouflage it with carpets and rugs in the right colours.


Decide whether the theme you have chosen requires yellow or white lighting. You could also decide to have a combination of both, since white light is better for reading and working in, while yellow light tends to be more aesthetic. Look at using lampshades that conceal light fixtures – visible light fixtures can lend an air of incompleteness to a room.

The Personal Touch

You mightn’t see this in the lifestyle magazines you’ve scoured; but, your living room should be your personal space. So, add little knick knacks that represent who you are – it could be miniature paintings you picked up in Jaipur or pictures of your little ones during their toddler days; just make sure it’s uniquely you.

A Hint of Green

Add in a few indoor plants to lend a relaxed air to the room. Well-maintained plants can immediately make a room seem more cheerful.

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