Furnishing: Give your Home a Makeover

Furnish your home around a single theme

Your home is your personal oasis; and for it be the perfect place to unwind with family and friends, is absolutely essential. But, while decorating our homes from scratch, we often do so without a plan, or over the years, end up collecting a lot of mismatched pieces of furniture, and knick-knacks that don’t always make sense together. However, with a few adjustments to décor and furnishing, it’s possible to give a space an entirely new look. Here’s how…

Zero in on a look: Decide on the overall look you want to achieve; whether it’s cosy and inviting or cool and impersonal, try going for a look that is easy to create with the furniture, colours, and décor, your home currently has. Additionally, work with a budget, as it’s very easy to overspend once you get started. Comparing offers and waiting for sales might also be a good idea, especially for furniture and artwork.

Does the theme work for all the areas in your house?

See if the look works for all your rooms: A look or theme that works perfectly well for one part of your house might not be as easy to achieve for another part of the house. Using individual pieces of furniture or artwork, or subtly tweaking the colour scheme on upholstery, bed linen, or curtains, are some ways of using a theme across the different areas of a house. For instance, if you have living room furniture that comprises mostly of antiques and a bedroom that is essentially modern, try integrating elements of the former into the latter- such as antique artwork, or drapes and sheets in the same colour scheme. Since this won’t work in all cases, decide on a theme where this is possible.

Move things around: Rearranging furniture can give your home a whole new look. For instance, you could shift the focal point of a room to a single piece of furniture or art, simply by arranging the room around it.

Home decor- art, sculpture, and other decorative pieces

Invest in a few select pieces of furniture or art: Invest in small things that make a big difference. Using indoor plants, or paintings, sculptures and knick-knacks designed around the same motif across the different rooms of a house, can give the illusion of a single, new theme. And more importantly, they add a personal touch.

Function is as important as form: Last, but not the least, ensure that everything you add or change is functional and not merely aesthetic; whether it’s a sofa or a beautiful bookshelf, it needs to serve its purpose, and well.

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