Friendship Day: Gifts for Every Kind of Friend

Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Why not surprise your friends with gifts, this Friendship day? Here are a some fun gift ideas based on your friends’ personalities.

The travel buddy

There’s that friend who’s always ready to pack their bags in the blink of an eye and take off with you, destination undecided; who’s as excited about discovering beautiful beaches rubbing shoulders with obscure villages in India, as they are about walking along the Seine, nibbling on crepes in Paris. Now these friends are truly one of a kind, aren’t they? Think of all the places you would’ve missed seeing if they hadn’t been around. For the travel buddy, get something that you know they’d use on a trip, a backpack, travel books, a quaint suitcase they’ll love travelling with, or a new pair of shoes for trekking.

The let’s-go-shopping friend

Have a friend who has the nose of a bloodhound for anything in the same orbit as deals and sales? End of season sales, discounts, shoe sales, you name it, they’re on it. You really owe these guys a good gift (considering they usually help you save a lot of money). For this type of friend, the best gift would be an add-on card, preferably with no credit limit; but, that idea probably won’t appeal to most of you. Not to worry, there are always the alternatives- a nice shopping bag, a wallet with enough slots for all those loyalty cards they insist on carrying, comfortable (but very chic) shoes to wear on those shopping expeditions, or just something you saw them eye and not buy the last time you shopped together.

The oddball friend

They’re offbeat, individualistic, creative, and they keep life interesting simply by refusing to be ‘standard issue’. They read different books, or have different hobbies, or listen to different music, or watch different movies, than the rest of us; and if they really mean business, do all of that and a little more. These guys will love getting something that reflects the things they’re interested in. Whether it’s the first album by that obscure indie band everyone’s forgotten about, or a comic book from a series that took a stance on intellectual hegemony, or just a quirky piece of art that they aren’t likely to find elsewhere. Your friend’s interests might range from individualistic, to offbeat, to just plain kooky, so pick something that tells them you know exactly where they fit in.

The ‘I love gadgets’ friend

These guys are pretty difficult to shop for, unless you’re ready to spend a fair bit, but there could be ways in which to give them really cool gifts while sticking to your budget. You could look at getting them accessories for their brand new gadgets, or look for unique gadgets that might not be the most popular or talked about, but definitely bring in their share of coolth.

The couch potato

It might be hard to get them to move off the sofa and go bowling with you, but get them a PSP and you might just realize they can be pretty dynamic if they want to be, while a good movie or TV show could get them to actually reach for the remote and turn the volume up, and an empty snack bowl could be motivation enough for them to make that long, lonesome trip to the kitchen to stock up on supplies for the next hour. Get them a new set of games they can play on their console of choice, or a box-set of their favourite movies or TV shows; and rest assured, the next time they get up to get that bowl of popcorn, they’ll definitely throw in a bag of chips, especially for you.

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