Bath & Shower Products for Different Skin-Types

Shower Gels, Body Wash, Body Scrubs, and more

There’s nothing as relaxing as a hot shower or a nice, long soak in the bath tub. It’s one of the best ways to unwind. What if we told you that you could cleanse your skin, exfoliate, moisturize, and indulge in some aromatherapy, while soaking up the goodness of a warm bath? It’s true, you can! All you have to do is choose the products that best suit your needs.

Cleansers, Shower Gels, or Body Wash: The cleanser or soap you use should be well-suited for your skin-type. The two broad varieties are gel cleansers and cream cleansers. If you’re someone with oily skin, a foaming shower gel is the right type of cleanser for you. Those with oily skin need a product that keeps the skin from become greasy. However, excessive cleansing can strip your skin of that essential amount of oil needed to keep it supple and hydrated. So, ensure that you do not use harsh products, or cleanse more often than necessary. Instead, use a product that’s designed for your skin-type, and cleanse twice a day. A cream body wash is best suited for those with dry skin. These body washes are typically soap-free and have moisturizing properties than endue the skin with additional moisturise, making it supple, and keeping it from becoming brittle or flaky. Those with dry skin should ideally follow this up with body butter, lotion, or cream designed for dry skin.

Body Scrubs: These act as great exfoliants and should be used a couple of times a week, in place of your regular cleanser. Alternatively, you could use an exfoliating shower gel or body wash on a daily basis. While choosing body scrubs and exfoliants as well, pick something that suits your skin. People with dry or sensitive skin should avoid using harsh scrubs, and should also avoid exfoliating more than once a week.

Bath Salts: If you’re going to be soaking in a tub, adding bath salts is a great way to make your bath healthier. Bath salts help ease muscle tension, soothe ragged nerves, ease arthritis, and fight cellulite. The benefits also include reducing soreness or inflammation of the skin, reducing rashes, and making skin smooth and supple.

Bath Oils: Bath oils are a great way to give your skin a moisture boost- add a couple of drops to your bath or massage it onto your skin before a shower. Different essential oils have different benefits. Chamomile, patchouli, and rosemary oil are great for relaxing and unwinding, while oils such as peppermint and tea-tree oil have an energizing effect. Bath oils usually contain a mix of essential oils; pick the ones that you like best. They’re also a great way to perk up dull or lifeless skin.

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