The Perfect Pout: How to Apply Lipstick

How to get the perfect pout

Lipstick is possibly the one article in a woman’s makeup kit that can completely transform the way she looks. But, to do so, it must be applied right. There are several subtleties to applying makeup and the lips are no exception to the rule. From choosing the right colour to using the right type of lipstick for your skin-type, here’s all you need to know about lipsticks, lip liners, and lip gloss.

Choosing the right colour is key. Women with lighter skin tones should choose shades such as rose or pale pink for a subtle look and deep reds and burgundy for a little drama, while peaches and shades with orange undertones work wonders for those with wheatish skin tones. Women with darker skin should look at browns or nude lip colours while going in for softer looks and shades of maroon for a more flamboyant effect. It’s also good to try out different colours and shades before deciding which ones look best on your specific skin tone.

Also, if you have dry skin, try to stay away from matte lipstick; moisturizing lipstick, lip gloss or liquid lip colour are more likely to give your lips the additional moisture they need, whereas a matte stick is likely to dry your lips even more. Additionally, different colours can also be used to give the impression of fuller or thinner lips. Lighter colours and generous amounts of lip gloss will make your lips look plumper, whereas darker shades will have the opposite effect.

Once you’ve decided on the products you want to use, there’s technique. Always start off with a lipstick primer or a priming foundation. This will ensure that the colour stays longer, and also blends more evenly over your lips. Follow this up with a lip liner in a colour that best matches the colour of your lips. Contrary to popular belief, this works better than picking a liner that matches the colour of your lipstick. The purpose of a liner is to define the contours of your lips and to correct any imperfections in the shape of your lips. Lip liner can also double up as a primer – post drawing the outline, you can choose to fill in the entire area of your lips with the liner. This gives your lipstick something to stick to, ensuring that the colour lasts longer. While putting on lipstick, start at the centre at your lips, moving towards the edges. You can also use a small, flat makeup brush while dabbing on the product. This gives you more control than direct application would. Once done, blot the excess colour by pursing your lips over a folded piece of paper. For darkening the colour of the lipstick, apply another coat, and blot again. Top it off with a dab of lip gloss at the centre of the lower lip, for the impression of fuller lips. Or, apply a sheer coat of gloss on both the upper and lower lip, for an overall glassy effect.

And that’s it, you have the perfect pout!

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