Find the Perfect Gift for your Valentine

How do you sweep someone off their feet year after year? How do you pick out the perfect gift for someone you’ve barely known a week, who has, absolutely unsuspecting of your V-day confusion, consented to be your valentine? You could get it wrong, you could get it right, but here are a few ideas that’ll definitely swing the odds in your favour.

Gifts for Her


While we already see you shaking your head, thinking cliché, you can’t deny that women love flowers. They like the way they look, love the way they smell, and absolutely adore the sentimentality of it. And you can always throw in flowers as a sweet little bonus, along with another gift. Of course, whether the fair maiden of your dreams would like a single long-stemmed rose or a humongous bunch of yellow roses is something we’ll leave it to you to figure out.


If you really want to impress, jewellery is usually a good way to go. Unless the girl you’re picking a gift for is one of those rather rare women who don’t like to even collect jewellery (It’s true, some women mightn’t wear much jewellery, but love collecting it, because… well, it’s pretty). Earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, are nice little trinkets to give her, and if you’re planning to pop the question, a ring would be just about perfect.


If you don’t know whether she prefers white or dark chocolate, or if her tastes are particularly gourmet and she likes only orange flavoured, bitter chocolate, why not give her a mixed bag of chocolates with a little bit of everything thrown in? You could always polish off the rest yourself, and we’re only half kidding!


Women like being pampered, everybody likes being pampered, and treating your valentine to perfume, scented candles, a home-spa kit, or all those lotions and potions she so loves using, will definitely earn you brownie points. You could also give her make-up if she likes using it. If you plan on doing this, make sure you pay attention to what she likes and know what to pick. Davidoff’s Cool Water, Calvin Klein Eternity, and Amor Amor by Cacharel are popular choices.

Romantic Novels

You might not always understand the point of them, just like she mightn’t always get your fixation with your PS III, but picking out a nice romantic novel, say a copy of The Notebook, or Love Story, will definitely make your lady smile. We know someone who owned one of these two books, got another copy from her Valentine, and still thought it was incredibly sweet, true story.

Plushies, perfumed candles, and cake are nice V-day ideas too… check out our Valentine’s Day page for more gifts you could consider giving her.  

Gifts for Him

Now for a few ideas for gifts for the men. We’re sure at least some of you are confused about what to get, and even if you’re not, you might just find some nice ideas below. So, read on…

A Watch

Pay attention to whether he treats his watch as purely utilitarian, and wouldn’t want more than one, or if he would like receiving another one from you. Also, try to figure out what kind of watch he likes- he could like chronograph watches, specific kinds of dials or straps, he could also prefer some brands over the others. Try to get a little information on this one, because, the right watch is a gift he’ll definitely appreciate.

Sports Gear or Collectibles

What’s his favourite sport, does he have a favourite team, does he play a sport? If you said yes to any of those questions getting him sports gear or collectibles is a great idea. He’ll adore you for giving him that pair of football studs, that cricket kit, or those golf clubs. Die-cast cars and bikes are pretty cool too- most guys would be very pleased with a miniature Ferrari, even if you can’t quite buy them the real thing.

Video Games and Consoles

If you get him a PS3 or an Xbox, odds are he’ll absolutely adore you for the rest of his life. Ok, we might be making assumptions here, but if he likes video games, we’re definitely on the money with this one. And if you’re the kind of girl who’d like one herself, all the more reason to buy him one!


A nice collection of movie DVDs, especially of movies that are hard to find is a great gift idea. It would make for a very nice gift for the ladies as well (gentlemen, take note!), if they’re movie buffs. They’ll be very pleased if you give them the DVDs of a bunch of films from the IMDB Top 250 that they haven’t seen yet. But even for those whose valentines are not movie enthusiasts, a collection of all their favourite movies is nice little gift to put together, very thoughtful.


If he appreciates the finer things in life, cologne is a gift he’ll like. And if he appreciates it, odds are, he’ll have a few favourites. Check which one he’s running low on, and buy him a bottle. Or better yet, if you think you can pick out an all new fragrance he’ll like, go ahead and surprise him! You could look at fragrances from Nautica, Davidoff, Hugo Boss, and Issey Miyake.

A pair of nice cuff-links or a designer wallet could make for nice gifts too. Again, take a peek at our Valentine’s Day page for more ideas.



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