Is the Moto G the right phone for you?

Buy the Moto G online in IndiaWith the Moto G, Motorola gives consumers of the middle Android market something they can’t resist – a mobile phone with great (much more, in this case) features at a lower price.

Everything about the Moto G is designed to delight, starting with the box it is delivered in! It’s slender - so slender, in fact, that you will never guess at the bells and whistles (and smiles) that eventually emerge from it.

At first glance, you may mistake this for the Moto X (well, if you overlook the size bit, that is), and that isn’t such a bad thing either, given the latter’s trademark elegant look. At 129.9x65.9x11.6mm and 143 gms, the Moto G is, of course, chunkier and weightier.

A rubberized real plate and a curved back panel crafted out of soft-touch polycarbonate make sure that the Moto G sits snugly in the palm. Skin off the rear cover and swap the colour, and voila, you’re suddenly staring at a whole new handset (so if you’re big on customizability, you’ll love this). And the water resistant coating ensures you can take it out on a spin in the rain (but don’t jump into a pool, it’s not ‘waterproof’).

While on the subject of design, you will find the power and volume rocker buttons on the right side of the handset. The top part houses the 3.5mm audio jack, while the bottom section sports the Micro-USB port. Your fingers find their way around them just fine, even if your eyes aren’t consciously watching them. The left side of the Moto G is devoid of any features, while the top of the handset only sports a centralized headphone jack. Both the power/lock key and volume rocker switch are located on the right side of the phone and these are easy to reach and responsive.

When it comes to the screen, the Moto G gives you a 4.5-inch, 1280 x 720 display that comes with a 329ppi pixel density. Or, in ‘layman’s language, a better resolution and sharper defined display than the iPhone 5S (at about a third of the pinch!) that affords hours of memorable movie and video watching. Add good viewing angles, good visibility in bright sunlight and screen protection by Corning Gorilla Glass (something you only expect on much higher priced sets), and here’s a set that looks bent on shaking up the market status quo.

Flip the handset and there’s the 5 MP camera, complete with LED flash. And if you don’t insist on award quality shots every time, the two of you will get on just fine, because this shooter does reasonably good snaps in sufficient light (though raises your eyebrows when the ambient light isn’t that good : You win some, you lose some). The rear side also gives you access to the SIM holder, or a Micro-SIM. However, there’s no microSD slot.  

Running on Android 4.4.2 KitKat, the Moto G is actually the most updated in its class, category and price. It is driven by a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, with Adreno 305 graphics and 1GB of RAM for company. And it does run like a dream, even if you’re frantically multi-tasking with games, Hangouts, WhatsApp and browsing.

Get ready to be pampered, with five customizable homescreens, and an entire host of apps and widgets. Swiping between homescreens does not disturb the position or layout of elements like the dialler, Chrome browser, main menu, camera app and messages. Remove all notifications if you want to, and go for the quick setting shortcut instead, which lets you toggle between settings, network, Wi-Fi, battery, Bluetooth, airplane mode and location settings.

Storage wise, you get to choose between 8GB and 16GB. Sorry, no expandable storage, but Google will give you 50GB of free Google Drive storage for two years – which comes over and above the standard 15GB.

The Moto G has a slew of other features to look out for as well - be it the useful new phone app that prioritizes your contacts based on whom you call the most or integrates with social so that you can tag photos, the overhauled E-mail app that displays pictures of contacts for mailing, or the regulation Google suite (Drive, Keep, Play Movies, Play Games, Play Book, QuickOffice and more). And yes, there will be those smaller features that wow you, such as the Voice Guided Search Feature (go ‘Ok, Google’, and your search has begun!).

The 2070 mAh non-removable battery will stay with you one full day as you watch videos, play games and chat on the phone. So how about the actual phoning bit? The Moto G will impress you with both call and loudspeaker quality, and even its ability to catch weak networks.

Overall, not shabby at all. Style or substance, Moto G ticks plenty of boxes, and positions itself as an awesome buy.



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