How Madhurima Bhattacharjee, a techie-turned-fashion-designer, started her own clothing line in Bangalore

Entrepreneurs are known for blazing their own paths. Even so, it's not every day that you see a techie, with a good career in software industry, starting a venture in fashion. In conversation with Madhurima, Founder and Creative Director of the Bangalore-based apparel brand, Madhurima Bhattacharjee:

How did you begin your journey?

A few years ago, I started stitching my own clothes as I was terribly bored of what was available off the racks. With all the positive feedback I received, I thought of starting a clothing line. And thus, Madhurima Bhattacharjee, the brand was born. In March 2014, my first collection for the Spring/Summer 2014 was launched at the Sunday Soul Sante.

You are an engineer by profession. How easy or difficult it was to change your line of work?

Yes, I am an Electronics and Communication Engineer from NIT, Durgapur and have worked in the Software Industry for many years. This has installed a deep methodological approach to everything that I do. So, when I started with my first collection it was about 60 odd pieces spread over sizes. The response that I got was very encouraging and I haven't looked back since. A few months ago, I decided to quit my job and concentrate on the brand full-time.

How has Junglee helped your business?

After coming on board Junglee, the response has been tremendous. I ship all across India and in the month of June, orders from NCR has started pouring in through Junglee.

What is your approach to fashion- your design philosophy?

I believe that a piece of clothing should be used again and again, should last you through seasons and trends. All of my designs can be paired with multiple items and can be worn for work and well as for a night of partying.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

My design ideas are inspired from every day things. It can be anything, the pop colors of a TinTin comic book, the blues and oranges of a sunset, the painted glass window of a church or a 17th century ball gown. I find inspirations from the perennial classics in a woman's wardrobe and try to bring a quirky twist to these classic items.

Madhurima's work desk- the quirky, inspiring space where she brings her designs to life

Tell us more about yourself. Do you operate from home?

My studio which is the erstwhile study-room is filled up with things that inspire me. and of course my trusty Singer sewing machine. Even today, I try to stitch a few pieces every week. I also have my fur-child, Zorro, a Bullmastiff boy, hanging around me most of the time as I work in the studio.

Can you share some styling tips with our readers... to look taller and slimmer?

Wearing a skirt or a pair of trousers/jeans at your natural waist or an inch above it, will always make you look taller and leaner. The latest trend of crop tops and midi skirts are an easy way to channel lady-like chic and flatters almost every body type. If you aren't comfortable with wearing crop tops, I would suggest tucking in a button-up shirt into your high waist pencil skirt or midi skirt. Very elegant!

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