Men's Essentials: Grooming Products

Grooming Products for MenWhat do most men want when it comes to grooming products? The simple answer is- to look presentable. The sheer number of products available can make maintaining a regular, basic routine, difficult. To make that easier, we’ve looked at what most men need on a daily basis- the essential grooming products that every man should have.

An Electric Shaver & Trimmer

Electric shavers usually allow for a comfortable dry-shave or a wet-shave with shaving foam or gel. Using a good shaving gel and shaver (or a good razor) goes a long way towards giving you a close shave, and preventing razor burn, irritation or unevenness of the skin. Professional shaving gels usually give better results.

After Shave

You might not use this one very often, but using one that soothes your skin, and using it each time you shave is a good way to avoid skin-irritation after a shave. After-shaves that soften facial hair and prevent uneven growth are also available in the market.

Moisturising Shower Gel & Face Wash

Invest in hassle-free dual-function products that save time and give you good results. Shower gels and face washes with moisturising properties prevent skin from becoming dry, dull, or itchy. Most men prefer fragrance-free products.

Conditioning Shampoo

Another popular dual-function product; buy a shampoo that suits your hair and scalp type. Conditioning properties help lock in moisture and help prevent hair breakage and dryness.


A good deodorant that lasts through the day irrespective of whether you’re indoors or outdoors is an essential. Stick deodorants are often more efficient than their spray counterparts, but this can differ from brand to brand.  


A dash of cologne can make all the difference.  If you’re looking for a good investment, buy one that is equally suitable for a date or a business meeting.

Matte Styling Mousse

If you have unruly hair, or like your hair to look sculpted, use styling serums, lotions or mousse. A matte option that prevents excess shine is appropriate for daily use.

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