Seller Success Story:

Seller Success Story on Junglee.comWith a single-minded goal to enable online shoppers from India shop for international branded products, has broken the barriers of cross-border trade and is providing a seamless international shopping service for Indian customers, for the past 3 years. 

We caught up with Sandip Shah, MD of, to find out all about their flourishing e-commerce business and gather tips for our seller community.

Read the interview to find out.

Tell us about yourself and your store

ShopYourWorld is one of the leaders in cross border trade in India. We are a 3 year old company with the head office in Singapore and 100% subsidiary in India & the US. We have over 2M SKUs on our site and 95% of them are imported from the US. We work on a back-to-back model. We have about 200,000 products listed on our Junglee store across categories like Electronics, Beauty, Baby & Toys, Music & Games, fashion accessories like Watches, Grocery and Home Appliances.

We have done API integration for the orders integration with our backend and are using FTP to provide real time pricing to all the customers. We offer mostly Pay With Amazon feature to all our Junglee customers as we believe the conversion rates are much higher when we go with PWA option as against driving the traffic to our site.

How did you begin your journey?

We began our e-commerce portal 3 years back. We saw the Indian customers struggling to import products from the US. The entire customs and import duty hassles with the steep international shipping spoiled the seamless shopping experience of the customers. Apart from this, currency exchange charges also did not give the customers a pleasant shopping experience. So we decided to offer our Indian consumers the final price of 2M+ products. They got the delivery faster than them ordering directly and they have an Indian customer service point of contact for any warranty or order delivery related issues.

What is your USP?

We have a wide range of 2M+ products outside of the books category.  We bring to Indian consumers an all-new simple way to shop from the US, right from the comfort of their couch. We are the first to launch a lot of branded electronics in India. Mostly, we launch them the same day it launches in the US. We have built a sophisticated backend algorithm which comprises of all the variable factors including currency fluctuation which gives our customers real time pricing and stock updates. Customers get a full replacement seller warranty on all products. So the customers have a local service support than having to ship it back to the US for any issues.

How has Junglee helped you in your business?

Junglee always drove quality traffic to our site. However, since the launch the Pay with Amazon (PWA), it has bumped up our overall GMV by a considerable margin. We have seen a wonderful month-on-month growth in the sales from Junglee. The customers also seem to be a lot more advanced in terms of understanding the pros and cons of online shopping. So there is little confusion or insecurity from their end in terms of orders being delivered or receiving a genuine product, etc. We see customers purchasing repeatedly if they are given a good service.

What is one tip that you would like to share with other sellers on Junglee?

We would suggest all sellers to definitely use the PWA feature for all listings. Also, having a wide range of products helps them make a complete decision without having to consider more options post purchase. Finally, having a good seller score and rating helps build the customer confidence and there is a sizeable impact on sales. So even something as simple as reverting to a customer query in 2 hours instead of 5-6 hours adds up to the entire rating structure which in the long run increases topline!

What advice would offer to new entrants in the world of e-commerce?

A Quick Tip: Be unique to get noticed! Find what's unusual about your brand and work towards it in the most original way possible. Be it sourcing the inimitable products or connecting to your consumers, leave a very good impression in whatever you do! More importantly, high quality products and best
customer service speak louder than words!

Finally, for the bootstrapped ecommerce startups we would only say 1 thing that is the time is still ripe. It's now or never! Utilize the marketplaces to test the market. By paying marginal commissions the wheel can start rolling and once there is sizeable business the website sales can be picked with the economies of scale.

Any parting words?

We would like to thank Junglee team for their brilliant account management support and constant help to support us with our entire business. We are really looking forward to doing thrice the amount of business this Diwali season via Junglee specially with the launch Of Junglee TVCs!



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