Trends to look out for this EOSS!

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Say It In Stripes 

Looking to make a statement? Nautical is the way to go. Navigate your way to style success by pairing bold or block colors with stripes, whether it’s a day out in the sun or an evening hang out with friends. You definitely don’t need to go on a cruise to pull this look off.

White or blue pants or shorts go well with nautical tanks. If a striped dress is more your forte, pair it with gold, bold accessories.  Get out your sailor chic, and ‘sea’ for yourself how high fashion you look! 

For The Love of Lace 

Add a dash of femininity to your edgy look. Every girl’s wardrobe is incomplete without a touch of lace. A timeless look, dating from early centuries, lace is a trend that’s here to stay. To get a trendier look, experiment with your wardrobe. Whether the lace is the focus of your attire, or just a side accessory, it is the perfect answer to a softer, more delicate look. 

Accessorize a darker shade of lace, with neon, or bright coloured shoes and jewelry. If a light, more vibrant shade of lace is your pick for the day, sober it up with dark accessories.  

Cut-out Diva!

Cut-outs are shaping up to be that one big trend we all want to incorporate into our wardrobe. Cut-out tops and dresses are the classiest way to merge street style with high fashion. Take a simple outfit and make it fun! Couple cut-out dresses with a pair of wedges and some chunky bracelets to stand out and look divinely gorgeous. Add some edge to dull, monotonous pants by pairing them with a cut out or off shoulder top. Now cut your way to being a fashion diva in your own rights.

Block it out!

Here’s your chance to master the color block.  This minimal way of mixing colors is just the right palette for you to kick start your trendy day! All it takes is the right pairing and the world's eyes will be on you. Hues of greens or blues paired together create a subtle color blocking effect that can complement any accessory you choose to pair it with. Color blocking is also the perfect way to accentuate a dull wardrobe. Love reds? Add a hint of orange or brown to it and you’ve got your go-to high street look right in your hands!

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