Keep it Cool- Essential Summer Appliances

Essential kitchen & home appliances for summer

It’s sweltering hot, the thought of stepping out makes you grimace and you’d give anything to time travel to December. Summer’s definitely here, but, thanks to technology beating the heat has gotten a lot easier. Here’s a list of kitchen and home appliances that can help you keep it cool.

Refrigerators: There’s nothing like something nice and cold on a hot summer afternoon. From ice-cream to juice to chilled water, there’s only one place in your house that holds all that icy goodness- the fridge. And if you ever run out of any of the above, make sure you have a stash of ice-cubes to turn to.

Air Conditioners: Stepping into a cool home after spending hours in the heat can feel like a blessing. But, if you don’t want to invest in one or don’t really feel the need for such heavy-duty cooling, table fans or ceiling fans can help moderate the heat for you. If you’re using the former, placing a bowl of ice before it works wonders in pulling the temperature down a notch or two.

Juicers: What’s your poison- A nice chilled watermelon cooler or a glass of sweet lemonade with ice? Whether it’s smoothies you’re craving or fresh juice with loads of ice, this kitchen staple will stand you in good stead.

Ice Cream Makers: You can buy it at a store and keep some in your fridge at all times, but making your own ice-cream can be a lot fun; especially if you like experimenting with interesting recipes. And in summer, nothing will make your loved ones as happy as some yummy ice-cream will!

Food Processors: Now this might not be the most obvious, but, picture yourself slaving away in a hot kitchen for hours. And, more so in summer than in any other weather, we all want to get our cooking done quickly. Enter food processors; chopping, grating, slicing and blending- this appliance saves you tons of kitchen-time.

Grills and Barbecues: An improvement on the above suggestion, getting a grill or a barbecue, moves cooking outdoors; and also makes it a lot of fun. Invite a few friends over, have yourself a barbecue, and forget your summer woes!

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