Junglee.com: We turn 1 year old today, thank you!

Junglee.com launched exactly a year ago in the wee hours of morning on February 2, 2012.  We launched with the intent of helping customers decide what products to buy and which sellers to buy from.  

We started with one of the largest selection of products and over the past year we have steadily increased that selection across several categories such as Electronics, Clothing, Shoes, Kitchen & Home, Health & Personal Care and more.  We also launched several new features on the site such as Seller Ratings, Save and Unified Customer Reviews to help customers make smart shopping decisions.

We are humbled by the response the service has received from customers and sellers in its first year.  Visitors to Junglee.com have grown by more than 700% since March, 2012 (source: Comscore), the Junglee.com page on Facebook now has 1.5 million fans  and the number of sellers listing on Junglee.com has increased by more than 300%.  Customers are excited by the broad variety of products and buying choices available through Junglee.com; sellers like the increased visibility and sales Junglee.com drives to their products and brands. Here are a few comments we have received from our customers and sellers.

"I had previously used some price comparison sites, but their accuracy levels [especially in capturing shipping information] was so bad, that I had stopped using them at all… Since mid November, I have used Junglee about 12-15 times,  and the experience has always been awesome. I have picked up stuff from sites like ChromaRetail and Bookadda, which I had previously never even visited (or knew they existed)."

"More than just saving a little money, I think the kick of picking up the best deal is far more rewarding, and quite frankly addictive. Junglee personally has become my de facto start point.”

“I visit Junglee.com often to explore all the interesting things they have on offer. I love what I've bought, am a really happy customer and recommend Junglee.com to everyone”

“Your portal has indeed given us strong visibility, quality traffic and sizeable conversions.”

We thank you for your support and patronage this past year.  

It’s been a fun year, but we believe it is still Day 1 for us. We have a lot to learn and build.  Ensuring that our customers and sellers have a great experience is the force that drives us, and we truly appreciate your feedback, as it helps us make Junglee.com a better service each passing day. So, please continue sending in your feedback.

- The Junglee.com team



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