Mobile Phone Review: The Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10 Will the Z10 help Blackberry regain lost market-share? With its touchscreen input, super-fast Qualcomm S4 dual-core processor, 4G support, 4.2 inch HD screen, and 8 MP camera (although the convenient, dedicated camera button is missing), the Blackberry Z10 definitely gives other smartphones in the market a run for their money, and definitely looks like a move in the right direction. But all that added power, also puts the phone in a higher price bracket, and out of many current Blackberry customers’ reach.

The central feature in this phone is the new operating system- the Blackberry 10 OS. While the OS is definitely powerful, it is mostly gesture based and could be confusing, especially to users accustomed to the iOS or Android ecosystems. For instance, to access the hub, you need to swipe your finger diagonally upwards, across the screen. However, the phone comes equipped with tutorials, and touch sensitive areas beyond the screen, that help support gestures, so once you get the hang of it, you won’t miss the shortcut keys you’re used to on other smartphones. (For people who still prefer using a QWERTY keypad, the Blackberry Q10, is in the offing).

The Z10 has a good battery life, even in 4G, a more than comfortable 16 GB of internal storage, with an additional memory card slot, a great on-screen keyboard that supports multiple languages, and weighing in at 137.5 gms, the 9 mm thick Z10, is a compact and light-weight smartphone. Non-slip edges and an easily removable back-cover are added bonuses.

However, the OS still needs improvement as does the appstore, which is still pretty basic compared to what’s available on the likes of iOS and Android. We wouldn’t be surprised if Blackberry rolled out updates to address these issues, but until then, they’re definite drawbacks.

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