Things you need to throw a memorable Christmas party

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We know how tedious planning for Christmas parties can be. But don't worry, we’re here to help you throw the most memorable party ever! Read on to see what all you need to throw a Christmas party and have fun!             

Make a checklist

Making a list of things to do and buy is always helpful. This way you can be organised, plan in advance and keep a check on where you stand in terms of planning.

Start decorating

No party is complete without decorations. And since it’s a Christmas bash, elaborate decorations are in order! Find you Christmas decor items in your budget from

These things are an absolute necessity for throwing a wonderful Christmas party.

1. A Christmas Tree

It is a Christmas party after all. It’s easy to find a Christmas tree in your budget and depending on the size you want. Head to Junglee to find the Christmas tree best suited for your party.

2. Ornaments

Once you have a Christmas tree, well, you have to decorate it. And trust us, it’s a lot of fun! From stars and balls to miniature Santas and reindeers, find the best selection of Christmas tree ornaments on! 

3. Christmas Decor

It’s Christmas and you have to decorate the entire house! Wreaths, candles, lights, lanterns - so many decor items to make things more festive! 

4. Christmas Cookie Cutters

There is only one thing better than cookies, and that is cookies cut in shapes! Ideal for brownies,, cakes and, of course, cookies, these are sure to delight all your guests! 

5. Snow Spray

It doesn't have to be snowing to enjoy the snow! Get a snow spray and add that extra bit of fun in your party! 

6. Christmas Carols

It’s not Christmas until you’re rocking around the tree singing Christmas carols and partying through the night, waiting for Santa to turn up! 

7. Christmas movies

Relive your childhood memories with classic Christmas movies that will make you feel warm and fuzzy with the festive spirit! 

Get everything you need to throw an awesome party! And don’t forget to have tons and tons of fun! 



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