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If there’s one thing that book lovers dread, it’s the last chapter. The finality of having to turn the last page and say, “So there.” The panic that sets in when you know there’ll be no more pages to turn. It’s like snatching candy from a kid. Or hiding the syringe from the reach of a drug addict. Heartbreaking. Horrifying.

Book Box Sets, in a sense, was designed to take care of that. A Book Box set, covering an entire series of sequels (prequels, sometimes) – instead of just a solitary tale - guarantees endless enjoyment. And a sweet solution to that haunting question, “What’s next?” Well, in this case, plenty.

Why not start a new series today? We have just the collection to spoil you with choice.

First up is the iconic ‘Hunger Games’ series. If you like futuristic fantasy, you will find the story of Panem hard to put down. Set in an unspecified time in the future, the nation of Panem is ruled by the lavishly endowed (and equally ruthless) Capitol. In contrast, 12 districts languish in poverty, a condition of deprivation and ignominy made worse by the wrath of an unforgiving capitol that exacts a primal revenge every year on them. The revenge is orchestrated in the form of the ‘Hunger Games’, a public fight to the death where one boy and one girl, drawn by lottery from these districts, is forced to participate. The Games serve as a gruesome reminder of the Capitol’s supremacy, sending out the message that it neither forgets nor forgives. The ‘Hunger Games’, the first in the series, is followed by ‘Catching Fire’, with ‘Mockingjay’ bringing up the conclusion. Follow the engaging journey of the protagonist Katniss Everdeen, as she joins hands with rebels in a bid to kill Snow, the all-powerful enemy. A classic David vs Goliath, if ever there was one.

When Ayn Rand’s audacious and revolutionary ‘Fountainhead’ was first published, it unleashed her concept of objectivism, one that shook up the bastions of society - as her ‘hero’, a young architect, fights the chains of convention, while indulging in a passionate love affair. ‘Atlas Shrugged’, on the other hand, is often considered Ayn Rand’s greatest novel – an unforgettable chronicle that expounds Rand’s philosophy of life through a deftly written action thriller (a devise that’s really a front to her larger sub-plot of a revolution) with a plot that segues over territories like the supernatural, politics and economics – and the towering choices of ethics the heroes and protagonists have to face. Get both ‘Fountainhead’ and ‘Atlas Shrugged’ in our book box sets section.

12 year old, Percy Jackson has managed to get thrown out of every school he ever attended. But he has powers way beyond an ordinary classroom can bestow, like clairvoyance, an ability to breathe under water, heat resistance, and a Pegasus as a pet.  It’s only when you realize that he is actually the son of Poseidon, the ‘Big Three’ of the Gods (the other two being Zeus and Hades), that it all makes sense. But it still doesn’t quite ready you for the epic chronicles that come next. To get into the roller-coaster groove and discover the magic of PJ in full glory, simply reach out for the Book Box Set of the Series.

Can’t have enough of Fantasy? Turn your attention to ‘A song of Ice and Fire’, an epic series by American novelist and screenplay writer George R.R.Martin. Set in two fictitious continents – Westeros and Essos – the series moves the story forward along several dimensions – be it the tussle for the Iron Throne, the threat of the legendary creatures of the north, or the efforts by a surviving heir to reclaim the throne. Trace the highs and lows of the thrills, ethos and drama of this truly iconic series with our Book Box set.

Be it the 50 shades of Grey where a young literature student and a tycoon’s lives converge to play out a multi-dimensional tale of dark desire, the complete Asterix set that initiates you into the timeless village of ancient Gaul that lives blissfully despite being surrounded by Julius Caesar’s army and moves from one delightful adventure to the next, the phenomenally successful Divergent series where a non-conformist sixteen year old is forced to seek out an adventure of self-discovery and forced to confront choices beyond her wildest dreams, The adventures of Harry Potter (a series the defined reading for an entire generation) that traces the evolution of boy ‘wizard’ Harry from his school of magic up to the time he confronts his arch enemy, the childhood adventures of The Secret Seven that solves crimes from their headquarters in the garden shed, the awesomely illustrated Geronimo Stilton series that’s as much a pleasure for kids as their parents (a visual treat for both), or the Rozabal line: A set of three mythological thrillers (touching the lives of Jesus, Chanakya and Krishna), box sets offer readers the perfect escape into reading heaven.

Why just read one when you can have the entire set?



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