Bringing About a Berry Revolution in the Indian Market: Very Berry Fruits

Name of the Store: Very Berry Fruits at

Founder: Varun Shroff

Origin: Bangalore

Launched: 2013

Style: Importer and retailer of frozen berries and berry ice creams

Price: Starts INR 250 to INR 350

You might think that berries are available only in foreign countries and are too expensive to get in India. What if we told you that the freshest of berries, frozen using special technology, are now available at your doorstep?

Meet Varun Shroff, an MBA graduate from Australia who came back to India to start a venture of his own. Out of sheer passion and dedication comes Very Berry Fruits - a one of its kind enterprise that attempts to give the consumers frozen blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and Berrylicious ice creams.

The stepping stone

An aspiring entrepreneur right from his college days, Varun always wanted to start a business of his own. He studied and worked in Australia for three years, then came back to Bangalore and worked in the retail industry for a while. In the meanwhile, he realised two things - one that the retail industry in India was too nascent and two, that he still had the undeniable fire to build his own dream. This gave rise to his one-of-a-kind initiative called Very Berry Fruits.

Getting into the business

Varun knew from experience that it was difficult to obtain berries in our country (they are not grown in India) and the demand for fresh berries was growing. He found out an extraordinary technique which could keep the berry as fresh as it was when plucked from the farm! I.Q.F. or Individual Quick Freezing involves ultra-rapid freezing to very low temperatures designed to halt the activities of the microorganisms that cause decay and deteriorate foodstuffs. This means that the berries are fresh when thawed and eaten - in the raw form or when used in making jams and cheesecakes.

The berry advantage

Berries are known as “superfruits” as they have a lot of health benefits and are full of antioxidants that help purify your body. Apart from the health aspects, they can also be used to make delectable desserts that are sure to win a lot of hearts.

We asked Varun about the USP of his products and he was quick to respond, “All our frozen berries are imported and they are 100% natural and are whole berries, they have no added sugar, preservative or colour.”

Not an entirely sweet path

When asked about the challenges of the business, Varun said, “Usually Indians are sweet-toothed people, but berries are not as sweet. When customers taste the berries, they usually have a feeling that the berries are not sweet enough. Usually berries are a bit sweet, bit sour & tarty. When you eat it over a period of time, you acquire a taste for it.”

Doorstep delivery in Bangalore

Very Berry Fruits are now available on and can be delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Bangalore! So, don’t forget to order next time you plan to make blueberry muffins or blackberry tarts at home.

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