The 9 Filmy Friends We All Have

Every group of friends is different, yet the same. More often than not, you would’ve probably encountered one of the below types of people (if not all) in your friend groups. Which one are you?

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The Clown: You’re the life-source of the group, the one who holds it together. Be it your crazy plans or silly jokes, you always have people rolling on the floor laughing with tears in the eyes. The funny bone in your body is always active and you’ll give Charlie Chaplin a run for his money!

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The Nautanki: ‘All the world’s a stage’ – that is your life’s motto. You can recite movie dialogues backwards in your sleep, and always have a dramatic comeback ready for anything and everything.

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The Khiladi: While others plan their day around classes/meetings, you plan it around your gym time. A date with that cute girl means missing out on an hour of the gym? Hell no! Who is going to do bench-press on your behalf?

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The Shaatir Dimaag: Not necessarily the most talkative, you’re usually lost in your own head because something somewhere caught your attention and you just can’t get your mind off it. Your friends understand this and are ready to wait for at least 10 minutes before they get a response for a cup of coffee.

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The Pyaar Ka Maara: Carrying your heart on your sleeve is a thing of the past; you carry yours on the palm of your hand. Fallen in love at least 20 times, each time the feeling being more strong than the previous one, you are the eternal romantic and we heart you!  

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The Gambhir: Yes, laughter is the best medicine, but if you’re laughing all the time, it’s time for some serious medication. Probably the most matured in your circle, this is what you think of the rest. You don’t feel the need to constantly burst into fits of laughter and prefer to have some serious conversations about life and its meaning.

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The Kanjoos: It’s funny how you get the most important calls when it’s time to pay. If not calls, then you’ve got to rush to the loo. Nothing, and we repeat, NOTHING can get that wallet out of your pocket. Your friends can literally count on their fingers the number of times you’ve paid for something, and it’s a big ol’ 0.

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The Self-Obsessed: The mirror is tired of you peeking into it all the time. In fact, so is the front camera of your phone, the tinted glass walls of your class/office, the windows of your car, the windows of other cars, and probably every other reflective surface in the world. But hey, why is that hair standing out of its place?

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The BFF: You’re the most reliable person around, because you ARE always around when the need arises. From helping a friend with a tyre puncture to dropping drunken buddies home, you’ve been there for each and every one of them in every way possible. No wonder your friends love you and are eternally grateful for just being there for them.

No matter which kind of friend you are, you are loved! And that is the best thing, isn’t it? Share this with your friends so that they know what kind of friends they are, too!

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