5 Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy: Tips for Entrepreneurs

There is no greater happiness for a business owner than to keep their customers happy and have them coming back for more. Customer satisfaction depends on a number of small things that you do as a business owner. If you thought that giving away freebies alone can keep your customers happy, think again.

Well, think of the reasons that make you prefer one store over the other. Is it the quality of their products? The way they talk or their after-sales service? The reasons for someone liking your store should be no different. And here’s how you can make a difference.

Talk to your buyer- genuinely

Open up different channels of communication with your customers. You can set up profiles and fan pages on social media or reach out to your audience through blogs, articles or newsletters. Open a gateway that allows your customers to get in touch with you for queries and clarifications. But you can’t just stop at creating these platforms- be prompt in addressing your customer’s queries. And always prioritize replying to complaints than anything else.

Don’t just send promotional mails- be of use to your customers

Your deal with the customer does not end at the billing counter. Send them a thank you mail, take note of birthdays, anniversaries etc. and send them wishes on your organisation’s behalf. Can you think beyond this? For instance, if someone ordered a Mother’s Day gift last year, how about reminding them about buying a gift for their mother this year?

Hear what your customers are saying

Try to get the pulse of your market. Why do your customers like to shop from you? What would they like you to improve? Call them up to ask for feedback and send surveys from time to time. Troll social media and the web to look for any comments or feedback from your customers.

Go out of your way to solve a customer problem; one at a time

Make it a point to win one customer’s heart every day/week (depending on scale of your business); no matter how challenging it might be. Someone needs a last-minute gift to be delivered and there’s not enough time to courier it? Drive down with the parcel yourself! Apart from winning applaud from the delighted customer; it also works as a great anecdote to narrate at various occasions.

Keep your staff happy

You might think “what’s that got to do with my customers!” but it is quite simple. We all hate going to places where the staff is grumpy and misbehaves with customers. Make your customer feel special and welcome; your staff plays the most important role in doing this- train them well and keep them happy. They, in turn, will keep your customers happy.

However, you do not have to go out of your way every time. If you are professional, pleasant and cooperative, you are sure to win a place in the customer’s heart!


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