Post An Ad and Pass Your Book

You have had your book cabinet or bookshelf for an year now. All your favourite books stacked in a neat line with every title bringing out a fresh memory of the pleasure you felt while reading every page. But those feelings are just memories now. You’ve read those books, enjoyed them and now they are just lying there gathering dust on the covers, their pages turning yellow. This is not how the life of a great book should be. 


It is time to let those books spread their joy to another person as other books take their place to spread their radiance to you.  It’s time to sell your old books and get yourself some new ones.

In just 3 easy steps, you can now sell your old books and then buy new ones from others willing to sell theirs. Just log on to to post a free ad. Describe the book you want to sell – including title, author and the condition of the book. Quote a fair price you would like to sell the book for and add a description and pictures.

Remember, ads with pictures are always looked up more often than ones that aren’t. Then, just Post your ad and wait. The new admirers of your book collection could be any form thousands of potential buyers from your city.

Once you’ve sold your old books, just choose from Junglee’s wide range of classic and contemporary titles and refill your book cabinet with a whole new “wardrobe” of memories. Happy reading!




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