A mission for a greener tomorrow

It’s strange how we need to assign a ‘day’ to focus on something that’s clearly more than just an occasional consideration. However, now that we have, let’s celebrate one of the most important days of the year—for obvious reasons—World Environment Day! The significance of the day is to realise the duty we have towards our planet. What is the least we can do to contribute towards keeping our environment clean and green? What can we do at the grass-root level - at our own personal levels, to bring about a change? The answer – we can do a lot. Our actions may be small, but our contribution is nothing short of massive.  

One thing each of us can do on a daily basis is use recycled or eco-friendly products. And what’s even better is that they are usually light on the pocket.

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Also keep in mind these useful tips - donate your old clothes and toys, segregate household waste, and grow your own kitchen garden. Do your bit, not only on this day, but for the rest of the year! As the great thinker Margaret Mead rightly said, ‘We won’t have a society, if we destroy the environment.’



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