Hair Care for the Monsoon

Buy hair care products for the monsoon!

Hair care is usually strenuous and stressful during the Monsoons. The sudden shift of weather takes a huge toll on the hair making it difficult to manage. The only way to help the situation is to use the right products during this season to get that gorgeous bounce back into your hair and keep it looking beautiful and luscious.

Use the right products

To begin with, the most important hair care tip during the season is to keep it well hydrated. Using a moisturizing or hydrating shampoo is a must as are styling products to keep your hair tangle-free. Use of shampoo every day is a complete no. But a mild conditioner at the tips is a quick fix to instant silky hair. Also, a deep conditioning mask once a week helps tame the frizz.

Style those tresses

Here are some easy hair-style tips to try for the season. These add a great boost to the hair making it manageable yet trendy.

  • Simple Braid: Braiding is one of the easiest ways to keep hair under control. If the hair is long, a nice loose side braid is all you need for a neat new look. A serum and braid-maintenance products should help keep your braids intact.
  • A loose hair bun: Get the 70’s look on! The bun is a smart way to conceal unruly hair. Tie the hair into a ponytail and finish it off with a hair spray to hold it in place. 
  • Beachy waves:  Don’t fret over the hair falling all over the place. Manage the frizz with a stylish messy look. Run some mousse through your hair and let it fall over your shoulders.
  • Hair cover: Go all out. Try something totally new this season- elegant scarves to tie your hair with and stay pretty!
  • Short Hair: If your hair is short, try trendy headbands. Let them highlight your hair in line with what you wear. Get your cute look on!

 No more hair- troubles for the season. Flaunt those tresses and stay beautiful!



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