Why you should watch Football!

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Two sports which arguably have the largest following around the world have always vied for number one spot; Cricket and Football. The debate on which sport is better has always seen very intense conversations. Everyone loves watching cricket they enjoy watching Sachin Tendulkar score centuries and India winning the world cup. But, does it pump you up as much as watching the London derby, “The El Clasico” or the FIFA World Cup finals?

So, in plain simple words, Football makes for better viewing than Cricket more often. Still not satisfied?

Here are five reasons why you should watch football!

Football is simple yet effective

Football is a game which is played the same way in every single nation. It doesn’t change in terms of format. Two 45 minutes halves and in 90 minutes the game ends, Cricket is more complicated. Test cricket or a one day international, T20, first-class, second class, third-class; cricket just has way too many formats and is not time bound. Football is just a simple game of 90 minutes and a nail-biting penalty shootout and we know who the winner is. A football match on television goes on without any commercials whereas in cricket a commercial flashes after every over and by the end of it we have watched five seven-hour days of cricket, and end without a result, it is not hard to see why some feel Football is better than cricket. Annoying, isn’t it?

The Kits                       

The whites worn by all countries during test cricket may be traditional and ode to the gentlemen sport beginning. But, it’s a tad boring in comparison to football kits. Football may have been a little more pure in the days before shirt sponsorship, but even with big brand names plastered on the chests the kits look real good, even the worst kits in Football are colourful and attractive. It mightn’t be the best reason to watch (or not) a sport, but to all the sartorialists out there, it makes a definite difference.

The Teams

Football has an unmatched reach across the globe. From countries as small as Sierra Leone to countries as unknown as Malta and Svalbard, Football spans the whole world. Cricket playing nations in the world sum up to no more than 60 nations. Football takes sports to an all new level uniting everyone along the way to being the most popular sport in the world. So, if you ever need to have a decent conversation with someone from Svalbard or Malta, and you watch Football, you’re likely to find common ground – as good a reason as any, don’t you think?

The Audience

It has to be said, there are exceptions to this rule. The Boxing Day tests at the MCG in Australia tend to be incredibly atmospheric, and there is a special atmosphere in some  cricket matches in India, but on the whole a cricket match tends to have a far more laid back, carnival-like feel to it. Football fans are as good as the twelfth man, they urge their team forward, booing their rivals off, mocking mistakes, delighting in being in the presence of quality, and generally creating a far more atmospheric context in which to view sport. Quotes like “I was in a game where the fans scored the goal!” are quite commonplace.

The WAGs

It wasn’t a long tedious journey to come up with the “word” WAG, but it has stuck and as soon as the British tabloids stated printing it, it entered the Oxford Dictionary. The Dictionary defines a WAG as “a wife or girlfriend of a sports player, typically characterized as having a high media profile and a glamorous lifestyle”. The WAGs add a whole new glamor level to the game, although nothing really beats the game itself!

Please note: The above list is a purely humorous take on both games J



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