This NIFT designer shows us that one need not rob a bank to be able to afford designer jewellery

No Strings Attached is a journey of Prachi Garg, a NIFT graduate who translated her absolute love for jewelry into creating a handcrafted contemporary luxe costume jewelry line. In conversation with the woman who’s aim in life is to create statement-making 'affordable luxury' pieces.

Prachi, tell us about yourself and your store.

I am the co-founder, currently the Head Designer, Creator and practically everything else of my brand - No Strings Attached.

What all jewellery styles/categories do you sell in?

I specialize in designer costume jewellery. Under jewellery, we cover all the product categories from head-to-toe and keep coming up with newer product categories such as body chains or haathphool so that no part of the body feels left out :)

How did you begin your journey? And where have you reached so far?

The idea was conceptualized and executed during my internship with a well-known Bangalore-based bag designer, Rachana Reddy. Now down the line, we have managed to create a niche for ourselves in Bangalore and nationwide market of jewellery.

How did you particularly narrow down to this idea?

We heard of a flea market called Soul Sante and decided to participate in it. In our preparations for the exhibition itself, we ended up creating a brand name, logo, some of the primary requirements that create the foundation and initial step in brand building with zero thoughts on taking this up full-time then.

How big or small the operation was when you started.

The operation was as small as a one woman team can withstand and it still is. The only difference being that now, people recognize me by my brand at odd places like the salon or an ice-cream parlour. Also, the production quality has increased by many folds and so has the orders.

Are you happy with the way your business is turning out?

As an artist, I am fully satisfied with the way things are turning out. Financially, the business is good enough for now. We are looking to expand it and are going to ramp up the investment in the coming months. The custom made order quantity is around 15-20 per month and much more for readymade pieces. Then I also participate in a lot of events around the city. All this keeps me busy and useful.

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Tell us more about your brand and the vision you have for No Strings Attached.

My creations are conceptualized, designed and handcrafted by me. I don’t have any people working for me as of now. My vision with No Strings Attached was to bridge the gap between expensive Designer jewelry and machine made junk jewelry that are generally exported from overseas. So I make exclusive pieces (limited quantity per design- mostly one) using a variety of materials and semi-precious stones carefully designed to be contemporary and versatile. Price range begins from Rs. 50 and goes up to Rs. 2000. Personally I love taking up custom orders, nothing beats the joy of fulfilling a buyer’s request.

How do you come up with creative ideas and unique designs for your jewellery?

The saying 'Inspiration is everywhere' might be a cliché but it totally works for me. Movies, travels, from where I usually pick up a thought or a lasting feeling, influence me. While sometimes it really depends on the mood of the day which mostly gets translated into my designs. I usually keep myself updated with ongoing trends, important days of the year and my customer feedback on what more could I bring to the table. Once a thought process begins, I google abstract visual images and sleep on it. Next morning I start assembling and putting elements together (in sketch or in real) and begin creating it.

What advice would you like to share with our readers in terms of latest trends in accessories?

Well, with jewelry, trends are applicable only on product categories and there is no need to follow it always. What you must realize is the power of accessorizing. I have gone from wearing no accessories to experimenting with minimal/layered jewelry while building this brand. Pick any body part that you love accentuating and start hunting down pieces that might catch your eye and Voila! You are done. It’s a no brainer that you'll make heads turn. The way you accessorize is a direct reflection of your personal style, as you will always put in an effort into curating these for your wardrobe.

Anything else that you would like to share with our readers.

Please follow my work on instagram @nostringsattached.india .You can also drop by at my studio in HSR layout, Bangalore. To get in touch, contact me on +91- 9742335620  i.e when you aren't shopping my creations on

And a few words for the Junglee team and the lovely interviewer: It was great talking to you. I got a better insight into my game plan for the future and where I stand right now as a designer while answering your questions.

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