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First things first, what is the Sony Smart Watch? Sure, it looks pretty cool and isn’t the eye-sore you would expect a ‘smart watch’ to be- quite the contrary, in fact. But, for the most part, it’s an Android phone accessory that lets you do some pretty cool things, but, while it makes you feel like James Bond, it misses doing enough to remind you that you aren’t the real deal. Here’s a closer look at the gadget.

The device is 8 mm thick, has a 36mm x 36mm dial (featuring a relatively low-res screen that doesn’t work well when there is glare), weighs roughly 15 gms and comes with a black watchband- the actual device needs to be clipped onto this band. The clip has few takers, with most users feeling this part of the watch could’ve been better designed. Hypothetically, the clip allows you to wear the device on your coat lapels or clipped to your belt. However, the likelihood of someone actually doing that is pretty low, since the clip isn’t really sturdy enough. So, it’s really best worn around the wrist. Sony has also come out with a range of coloured straps (need to be purchased separately) which can be used to do just that, with a little more style. The proprietary charge and sync plug is located behind the device- this replaces a standard micro USB plug, presumably to keep design minimalistic.

The Sony Smart Watch syncs up with your phone over Bluetooth and gives you quick access to incoming calls, Facebook messages, tweets, and other notifications. You can even line up calendar items and have notifications pop up, check your mail or use Google Maps, all on this wrist-watchesque gadget. However, the device needs to be connected to your phone at all times to be able to do any of that. Again, on the flip side, none of these functions are available until you install the Smart Connect app on your device and install the apps for the functions you want your smart phone to perform, and push them to the Smart Watch. Although, post installing Smart Connect, save a few adjustments to how you would normally use a touchscreen (including adjusting to a much smaller screen), there are many apps that function fairly well on the device.

There are a lot kinks to be ironed out, however, the device does let you do a lot of things, like checking your mail, your call or message notifications, social notifications and the like, with much more ease when you’re on the move or when you’re in a place where it’s difficult to keep pulling out and checking your phone. Instead, whenever your smart watch vibrates discreetly, signalling a notification, you can glance at it and accept that call, reject it with a message, check a calendar notification, see gtalk notifications and so on.

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