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Agreed that a wedding is the most special and memorable day for the bride, but aren't we missing someone out? The groom! The bride usually takes more of the main stage during any wedding. But let’s not forget that it’s not just her who likes attention. A surprise gift for the groom make him feel loved and appreciated. 

Here are our top picks for the groom’s gift:

  1. Nehru Jackets - The best part about Nehru Jackets is that they go with everything! From kurtas to shirts and sometimes even polos, Nehru Jackets can be paired with almost ensemble and can change the look entirely. Interested? 
  2. Ties and Cufflinks - The number of functions in an Indian wedding means a different attire for every one of them. If the groom’s shirt accommodates cuff links, you could buy him a pair with a special insignia or his initials. If he is wearing a suit for any function, a tie is a good option. Personalised cufflinks and ties are well-thought of gifts for grooms.
  3. Watches - Men love their watches so its needless to explain why watches make for good gifts for them. 
  4. Electronics - Need we say more? Most men are gadgets freaks, so a piece of technology makes an ideal gift for them. From phones and tabs to cameras and audio/video systems, finding them has never been easier! 

Buying gifts for men is always tough. We hope this list makes getting the perfect gift much easier! Find more ideas at The Wedding Store on Junglee.



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