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Come holiday season, what do you crave- sunny, sandy beaches or cool hill stations? Most folks swear by them, and the list of reasons is endless. What would you take with you though?


The Beach Getaway

The lure of a perfect beach is truly irresistible; nothing quite compares to lazing around on sandy shores with a cold drink and some good music, without a care in the world. And, irrespective of whether you’re headed to some undiscovered, still-perfect beach tucked away in South Goa or someplace along the beautiful coastline of Bali, there a few things you might wish you’d carried. When headed to a beach, you’ll most likely want…

Swimwear: An obvious first. Make sure you carry a spare though… you might want to hit beach or swimming pool more than once a day. A nice cover-up is a good idea for the ladies.

Sunscreen: While you might not realize when you’re having a whale of a time, you’ll definitely wish you’d dabbed on generous amounts once a sunburn kicks in. Even if you don’t have very sensitive skin, protecting the skin is definitely important if you plan to spend most of your day outdoors. A product that’s waterproof and has an SPF of at least 30 is a good idea.

Flip-flops: They’re comfortable, they’re easier to dry out than closed shoes and even when they gather sand, you can dust it off easily. Flip-flops are the most practical choice of footwear for the beach. You can pack a few pairs in different colours and designs and coordinate them with your outfits as well. Most beaches have stores that sell interesting flip-flops though; so, carrying a just-in-case one pair should be enough.

Sunglasses: Outdoors. A sunny beach in the afternoon- you’ll definitely appreciate a pair of shades.

Camera: Pack a digital camera along, so can take home pictures of that magnificent sunset. You might want one that’s small and easy to pack away in your bag.

A good book: If you like to read, there’s nothing like reading by a peaceful beach. In between all that swimming and snorkelling, it’ll make for some nice quiet time alone.

A Beach Bag: Carry a lightweight beach bag to tote your stuff around- sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, wallet, and all the other little things you might need.


A Trip to the Mountains

And there are those of us who’d rather head to the hills for a weekend getaway. There’s no denying that during summers, it’s a fantastic way to beat the heat. But packing for a mountain getaway needs a little planning.

Appropriate Clothing: First, the weather- different places have different climes and it’s best to check if packing a light coat will suffice or if you need some really heavy-duty warm clothing. Also, it can get warm during the day, so you’ll need lighter options as well. Layering is a good idea, so pack a good mix of regular t-shirts and tops, jeans, a pair of shorts, a light sweater or coat, a few pairs of socks and a heavy jacket if necessary.

Gear: A lot of mountain trips also include plans like trekking, climbing or skiing, which require special gear that you might or might not need to pack. Make a checklist of the things you plan on doing during your holiday, find out if you need to carry any gear yourself, and pack whatever you need to. Make sure you check all your gear before packing it and also carry it in appropriate bags.

Footwear: Pack two pairs of shoes, apart from the ones that you’ll be wearing on your journey to the place. Pick shoes according to the activities you have planned- you might need boots for hiking or formal shoes for dinner. Make sure you have one pair of comfortable shoes you can walk around in- a pair tennis shoes or sneakers.

Sunscreen and Moisturizer: These are a must even for a trip to the mountains, since the sun can actually be harsher at many of these places. It’s also a good idea to carry a pair of sunglasses on this trip as well.

Camera: Finally, if you want take home some of that picturesque scenery so characterictic of mountains, taking a camera along is a good plan.

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