6 Luxury beauty brands that are worth the splurge

You don’t need to splurge every time you want a shampoo or a night cream. However, when you DO want to splurge, you should know which brands are worth their weight in gold – sometimes, quite literally. Here’s our list of expensive but unmatched beauty brands that you should try at least once in a lifetime.

1. Temple Spa

Temple Spa is a luxury beauty brand that provides complete aromatherapy treatment in a bottle - one that replenishes the skin and revives the soul. Packed with exotic ingredients and flowery fragrances that promise to take you away to a fantasy vacation with every use, Temple Spa is a must-have indulgence!

Must try: Temple Spa In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt (available in India at Rs 3,500) - a hand-blended facial in a jar, this highly concentrated cleansing balm is a fusion of ancient and modern. Containing beads that gently exfoliate the skin, before melting to release deeply cleansing ingredients, this will leave you skin radiant, hydrated and glowing.

2. Ren

Next on our luxury list is Ren - a new-age brand that has taken skincare to a completely different level. For the last 15 years, Ren has been working tirelessly to produce products that use 100% plant and mineral derived actives and are completely free from chemicals. With no potentially harsh ingredients to irritate the delicate skin, this brand is a fave of people with sensitive skin.

Must try: Known for its acne-repair products, Ren promises to give your skin a healthier, blemish free look. Be it the Invisible Pores Detox Mask (Lowest online price: Rs 3,300) or the T zone (Rs 1950) cleansing face wash, all Ren products promise one thing- Performance, Purity and Pleasure.

3. John Frieda

John Frieda opened his first salon in London three decades ago. Today, his hair care brand is a favourite among celebrities, beauty experts and consumers worldwide. Frieda’s team, known as the ‘House of Experts’ has led the company’s development while still maintaining a finger on the pulse of the newest hair trends.

Must try: Their Frizz Ease range comes highly recommended if your hair feels dull and listless due to the continuous exposure to heat and pollution. These products make the hair look bouncy and healthy and is definitely the next best thing to having frizz-free hair naturally.

4. Avalon Organics


Avalon Cosmetics is a completely natural skin-care brand and obtains its products through natural processes. It is dedicated to organic farming and does a lot for the environment in return too. Avalon provides a complete list of the ingredients used in its products, so that one can decide if the ingredients suit them or not.

Must try: Dig through any Hollywood makeup artists bag and you will find an Avalon’s organic lip balm (starting Rs 1,500) there. Available in flavours such as cherry, vanilla and aloe, this definitely is one of the essentials that need to be in your bag as well.

5. Gucci

The first Gucci shop was opened in the United States on 58th Street, Manhattan. The shop sold everything from leather goods to perfumes and cosmetics for both men and women. Gucci, today, boasts of high quality beauty products and perfumes that are long lasting, non-irritating and just so popular. This brand is now one of the most loved brands by celebrities all over the world.

Must try: One of Gucci's latest editions to its perfume segment is Gucci Guilty available for both men and women. It has a unique blend of patchouli, violet, jasmine and amber among other ingredients. People will know what hit them when you walk into a party wearing Gucci Guilty!

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