How to Pack and Ship Well

While facilitating online shopping to your customers, you also need to make adequate arrangements for safe and sound shipping of the orders. With proper shipping arrangements, not only do you create more and more happy and satisfied customers, but also avoid incurring losses due to damage of your products. If you are wondering how to pack and ship perfectly, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

Bad packaging is a let down            

Packaging is an art by itself. Remember, unskilled packaging can mar your company's image in front of your customers, so make it a silent marketing tool for your product and brand image. Choose a reputed packaging materials company to purchase packaging materials of different shapes and sizes. Try keeping your packaging as light and small as possible to save on shipping costs. As a retailer take care to charge by weight only. You could also consider charging them less for bulk orders.

Different product categories need different packaging

For products that involve assembling of different items, it's advisable to separately pack each of them. Fragile items need to be packed carefully, so pay special attention.  Pack cloth pieces in plastic bags. Bubble wraps and tissue papers should be used to wrap jewellery or crystal products. Tape every hem of the cardboard box to prevent its opening or goods getting damaged at any point during transit.

Include packing and handling costs in your budget

While shipping your products, make sure you recover the costs either by including the cost of shipping along with the product price or redeeming it otherwise. You should not be in the position where you are making profits by selling products but  you are incurring losses just because of shipping and packing costs.

Add your personal touch

If you are a micro-business owner, you need to position your products differently. Let your buyers know that your products are made and packed with love. One way to do is to add a hand-written note, thanking them for their purchase. You can also add a freebie for the first order every month.

Research well

Before you decide on the shipping company you want to work with, it is better that you weigh all options equally. Speak to a number of vendors and find the person who can give you the best deal at a reasonable cost.

Getting packing and shipping right will take you some time, but eventually, you will have a better idea about the costing and techniques that need to be kept in mind.

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