5 Things to Ensure Before Buying a Used Phone Online

With online selling sites on the rise, it’s never been easier to buy a pre-owned mobile phone. It makes sense, especially if you are not ready to fork out moolah on a new one, or are waiting for the next big technology before doing so. And if you know the ‘tricks of the trade’, chances are you will land a handset that’s good-as-new. So what are those ‘tricks’? Let’s find out.

1. Research for the Right Price

There are no standard pricing in the used goods market and too many variables will take you nowhere, so the trick is to keep the price constant, keeping everything else secondary. So, set a price range and click through the links individually to take a closer look - first at the condition of the phone, and then at the exact price tag.This will give you the perspective you need to compare different handsets.

When you finally chance upon a model that fits your budget, check out how much a new phone, with similar features, costs. And if, for instance, you are about to buy a smartphone that’s a year old at a price very close to an equivalent new phone, stop. Think. And go for the new one. No point missing out on the warranty, right? However, if you are getting a good deal on a used mobile phone on Junglee or anywhere else, go ahead with your purchase.

2. Choose the Right Operating System

The operating system should be the next parameter on your list. Going with the iPhone gets you security, user-experience, apps and social integration that’s absolutely top notch. On the other hand, if you are more into versatility and personalization, and like things simple and easy, the world of Android and its countless apps, is your thing. A windows phone brings seamless social integration, Microsoft support, a cool design and a bevy of gorgeous apps. A cyanogenMod brings great ease-of-use, customization and a social experience that’s quite remarkable. And, finally, Blackberry gives you the best of social media and mails. Read more on choosing the right operating system in our previous blog post.

3. Check for Buyer Protection and Other Guarantees

The internet abounds with horror stories of how people (who bought ‘pre-owned’ smartphones) were duped - either the product never arrived, or the seller disappeared after being paid. It’s important to insulate yourself from this kind of grief by going for Buyer Protection Services.

At Junglee, you can buy a used mobile phone anywhere in Bangalore using Pay with Amazon and be assured of 100% Money Protection, On-time Delivery Guarantee, 7 Day Returns and FREE Return Pick-up. All you need to do is browse our selection of used mobile phones from Bangalore, place an order and pay online using Pay with Amazon, share your delivery address with us and get your phone delivered at your place. And if you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply file a claim and get your money refunded. Click here to start.

4. Decide: Used vs Refurbished

What’s the difference? Well, a used phone is sold as it is, whereas one that’s ‘restored’ is tested for flaws and mended accordingly. The latter works just like a new phone, but, of course, is considerably more economical. The best part? You may even be able to get a warranty on a ‘refurbished’ phone - albeit for a much shorter duration. You can buy electronics with item condition type as Unboxed, Factory Seconds, Refurbished and Surplus Stock on Factory Outlet at Junglee.com.

5. Check the Physical Appearance

Sounds obvious, which is also precisely why it gets ‘overlooked’ by most. The big thing to remember here is that your visual inspection need to go well beyond a cursory examination for, say, scratches on the screen or peeled off covers. The thing to watch out for is liquid damage, which is responsible for slow build-up of rust. Here’s what you need to do:

Open the back cover and take a look at the battery sticker for indications of discoloration - usually an yellow/orange hue. If the battery has been changed, internal stickers will be the tell-tale signs of rust that you must be wary of. Scan all the ports (charging, USB, et all) for any signs of discoloration as well - which might indicate water damage.

Then, of course, there are the cracks to look out for. While doing so, make sure the device is switched on. Notice the camera lens for scratches. Also click a few pictures, if possible. The bottomline? A surfeit of cracks and scratches tells you that the phone has been roughly handled. Examine the camera lens for any signs of scratches as well. Also, a phone with many dents and cracks is a good sign it has been dropped or banged up a lot, and that components inside may not be in the best of shape.


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