The Save Feature on Junglee

Ever gone to a website and seen a million things you want to buy, but not just yet? Or want to buy but can’t afford to? Have you ever been undecided on whether to buy one product or the other and wished you could come back and decide later? We have. Which is why Junglee has a ‘Save’ feature.

Saving a product adds it to your own personal Saved Items List. You can add all the things you like on the site to this list and buy them as and when you want to. This also helps us make personalized recommendations to you based on the things you like, and is an easy way for you to keep track of what the current prices of products you like are, and if they’re still available or not.

There are two simple ways to add a product to Your Saved Items:

The first way is by clicking on the Save button on the product page. The button also tells you how many other users have added the item to their lists. It looks like this:


An even easier way is to mouse over the image of the product you like in the list of products displayed and simply click on the heart that appears on the top right corner of the image. Once you’ve saved it, a heart will automatically appear on the image, so long as you are signed-in on Junglee.

Don't forget to try out this cool feature the next time you see something you like on Junglee.




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