This food tech graduate from Bangalore takes the business of making fudge to a whole new level

When Anupama made blocks of fudge as Diwali gifts for friends and family, little did she know that it would redefine her life! Not even an year went by, and she has already started tasting the sweet taste of success by selling handmade fudges to people in Bangalore and Chennai.

Anupama, tell us about yourself.

I am the proud proprietor of Fudge Galaxy, an online business that sells fudges in flavours like chocolate, coffee, almond and many more. I have done my masters in food technology and management. Being a businessman's daughter and a foodie has made me an entrepreneur!

Why did you think of starting a food venture?

I have always loved food. So much so that I took it up right from 11th standard as I studied nutrition and dietetics. I continued in the same field and did my masters in food technology. 

Starting my own food setup was always in mind but it never materialized into something concrete until 2014. I wanted to make something different for our first Diwali after my daughter was born. So I made my mom's famous chocolate fudge! We put them in boxes and gave it to our friends and family. Everyone loved it and felt that it was a good change from the regular chocolates or mithais. To our surprise, the recipients wanted more fudges to gift to other people and orders started coming in. That is how we started. Now we have a steady flow of orders for both our Bangalore and Chennai kitchens.

Tell us more about fudge-making.

At Fudge Galaxy, every batch of fudge is handcrafted with the finest ingredients using a recipe that has been perfected in our kitchen. Our fudges are rich, with an exquisite melt in your mouth feel that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Thus, ensuring every bite will feel like a party in your mouth that you wish will never end!

When is the right occasion to indulge in fudge?

The best thing about fudges are that they will elevate any occasion to the next level. Be it a party, or as a gift to someone special, any reason or none at all, fudges will fit the bill with their sweet richness. The fact that they are handcrafted and have a reasonable shelf life of 10 days at room temperature makes them great sweets to buy when you are visiting out of town relatives or friends. 

Could you tell us the difference between a fudge and a chocolate? Because a lot of times, they look and even, taste similar.

Though they taste similar, fudges are made from scratch using fresh ingredients like milk powder, sugar, butter, cocoa etc. Also, fudge is softer in texture than a chocolate. Lastly, not all fudges have to be chocolate flavoured, unlike chocolates.

What’s the most challenging thing about your business?

Fudges are very temperamental sweets to make. For example it you leave the sugar syrup unattended for a few minutes, the final texture will turn out to be hard. If you stop it too soon it will be too soft. So precision, top notch ingredients and a lot of practice is the only way to make a perfect batch of fudge. 

Do fudges work well for gifting? Are you planning something new for Diwali?

Yes, this Diwali we are introducing two flavours-- Gulkand and Garam Masala Chocolate. Our fudges are 100% vegetarian and we do not add any preservatives. So, they are the ideal gifts for any special occasion or just to indulge yourself! We also entertain special orders and customized requests. So they can be given as Diwali gifts, wedding favours or corporate gifts.

Below is a snapshot of the Fudge Galaxy store on Click on the image to open the store link.


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