Traits of a Gourmet Lover!



1. You talk about food more passionately than most other things.  

Your friends are sick and tired of hearing you talk about food as if it’s your first and only love.


2. You're willing to try almost anything and love world cuisine.

Dosa with mayonnaise, noodles with custard, parathas with kung pao chicken - if these dishes are making you drool, you're a serious gourmet lover!

3. Your favourite TV show is, without a doubt, Masterchef.  

When you are not eating, you’re watching food on the television.


4. You love to eat (duh!), but you also love to bake & experiment. 

Playing with fresh ingredients, trying out various recipes, experimenting with cuisines - you just love that!


5. You call your friends over every time you learn something new to cook. 

Since Gordon Ramsay can’t give you his feedback, you’ll make do with your friends’ comments.


6. You take the leftovers to office whenever you cook, just to show what a great chef you are!

Your friends get a free meal and you get all the compliments! It’s a win-win!



7. Motto: LIVE TO EAT, not the other way ‘round!

Hence proved: the ultimate gourmet lover! 




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