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How many times do you find that the price of the product you purchased dropped, just after you purchased it? And you found yourself thinking “Oh come on! I could have saved some money on my new phone had I waited for just a day.” Yes, that has happened to all of us. We at Junglee are launching Price Alerts with an aim to never let that happen again.

Before buying a product, we ask our friends and relatives how much they bought it for and whether they expect the price to drop. Price Alerts will enable you to set an alert on any product that you plan to buy, and send you an email whenever the price falls. No more paying extra for your favorite products.

To help you decide whether you should wait for the price to drop or buy right away, Price Alerts will also tell you by how much the price has dropped recently. In addition, you are in complete control of the emails that you receive as you can choose how frequently you want to get them. After you have bought the product or are not interested anymore, you can stop emails for that product with a single click.

To set an alert, just go to the product page and click on ‘Set Price Alert’ near the price information. You will get an email as soon as the price falls. It is that simple! All price alerts can be viewed and managed at the Manage page. Like what you hear? Go ahead, set alerts on your favorite products on




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