Customer Reviews and Ratings

At Junglee, we try our best to provide customers all the information they need, to make informed shopping decisions.

How, you ask? In addition to detailed product specifications, descriptions, and seller details, we also include customer reviews and ratings. Once you’ve decided on whether or not a product suits your requirements, you can see how other people who’ve used it in the past rate it on a scale of 1 to 5. Customer ratings include the number of customers who gave the product a particular rating along with the overall rating derived from these customer ratings. Through customer reviews, shoppers on Junglee can write detailed descriptions of their experience with a particular product, brand, or seller. These reviews include both positive as well as negative feedback received from customers and give you a clear picture of what to expect from a product. To give you a feel of what customer reviews on Junglee are like, we’ve included below, snippets from a few reviews. user Tango, wrote about the iPhone5:

“The iPhone 5 is an incremental update over the 4S, but the best phone incrementally improved is equal to a huge improvement. Yes, the nano-SIM is a pain to get, and the Maps are pretty much ruined. But what you get is exquisite build quality, blazing fast performance, very good battery life, one of the best cameras in a phone and a display that just makes using the iPhone a lot more fun.”

And here’s David Foskin’s take on Batman Begins:

“The fight scenes are shot close in; Nolan seems to have made a conscious decision not to compete with other more "martial arts" hand-to-hand action flicks. His action scenes are dark, the sounds and movement jeer a chill or more accurately -- fear.

Building a solid motif around fear, this strong screenplay unfolds masterfully until the two-thirds mark, at which point some of the pacing slips just a bit, and further complications blur its initial beauty. I enjoyed the idea of the masked foe introduced at that point, but his actual execution on film smacked of the phony supervillians I didn't like in earlier Batmans. That said, the film's other foes are well-acted, enjoyable, respectably intimidating.

A good film -- you'll get your money's worth.”

The second is a review from a user on, yes we have those, and reviews from as well!

So the next time you’re on Junglee, whether you’re looking for a mobile phone, a camera, a book, or a movie, see what other people think of it. When in doubt, someone else’s opinion might just help you make your choice.


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