"No one needs to drink bad coffee" say cafetaleros at Tariero

Name of the Store: Tariero Artisan Coffees at the Bangalore Local Store

Origin: Bangalore

Launched: 2014

Style: Specialty gourmet coffees roasted and blended as per international SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America) standards

Price: Starts INR 150 to INR 1650

Like everything else in nature no two coffees are alike. Every coffee is unique, every coffee is inimitable, but it takes an artisan to understand this and bring out the nuances and the best in each cup.  " We believe that no one needs to drink bad coffees or coffees that are not 100% coffee! At Tariero Artisan Roastery, great pains are taken to select the best coffees available by a process of intensive cupping." says Veena A., Marketing Head of Tariero Artisan Coffee. We interviewed Veena to talk about their unique coffees and what goes behind creating a successful specialty coffee business.

Tell us how did Tariero Artisan Roastery came into being.

We have actively been exporting and promoting Indian Coffees as standalone coffees in the USA through our sister company Karnataka Plantation Coffee Inc., in the USA. As a logical extension of the expertise, the connections as well as the knowledge we have garnered over the last decade we are now introducing specialty gourmet coffees into the Indian Market under the brand name of Tariero Artisan Roastery.

What makes coffee from Tariero so unique?

Our uniqueness is that we are “artisans” treating each batch of coffee like a piece of art and bringing it to you in our very special roasted blend—on demand.

Roasted on demand… can you elaborate on it?

Since coffee is a perishable item, we don’t stock inventory. All coffees are roasted when ordered and stored for a maximum of 15 days at our facility ensuring only the best quality is delivered to you.

What are the different types of coffees that you offer?

We have a range of coffees to suit every coffee palate – our Espresso series for the “caffeine-heads”; our Classic series for the everyday drinking pleasure; the Avant Garde series for the adventurous coffee people out there and our flavoured selection is for everyone who likes coffees with a hint of something.

What market do your products cater to?

At Tariero Artisan Coffees, we do not cater to standard, run of the mill, mass produced, uniform tasting coffees!  That’s certainly not our cup of coffee. But we expose you to the heightened nuances that coffees can offer.  Our collections are all limited in nature and we change our coffees as soon as we run out of our micro batch.

Now introducing and making these coffees available to customers online through http://www.tariero.com/ and Junglee Local store.


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