How to throw a memorable Diwali party

A memorable diwali party

Diwali is a time when people come together and celebrate the wonderful festival with all their loved ones. And what better way to kick start the festivities than a Diwali bash right in your living room? Here are some simple steps to follow which will help you throw a memorable Diwali party.

1. Decide a theme

Spice up your Diwali party with an interesting theme. A theme party can really electrify the entire atmosphere. So use your creativity and come up with an interesting theme.

2. Décor

Your house should be basking in the light of beautiful diyas this Diwali. If you are hosting a theme party, your décor should not clash with your theme. Use clever ways to integrate traditional decorations in your modern party. Instead of diyas, use fairy tea lights. Lanterns look really pretty too and give your house a minimalist look.

3. Music

Groovy music with old remixes and the popular songs of today are a must. Remember to clear some space in your living room so that people can feel free to shake a leg.

4. Games

Keep a few decks of cards handy as Diwali is all about gambling and bringing in a little bit of ‘Lakshmi’ into your house. Play rummy, blackjack and other interesting card games with your guests and reward the winner with an interesting gift. You could even add a twist to your party and play board games instead!

5. Food and beverages

Food is probably the most important aspect of your party. As the host, you wouldn’t really want to run in and out of the kitchen checking whether the food is ready, and so it is better to hire caterers. Nowadays, pot luck parties are popular, too. Inform your guests in advance and enjoy a wonderful, mismatched homely meal in your Diwali party. Keep a good stack of beverages, too!

Go ahead, throw a Diwali party of a lifetime!



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