Weekend activities to keep you refreshed through the week

The Perfect Weekend

Weekends are the best time to unwind; and find the rest that the body lacked during the week. With lives so hectic, we fail to give importance to ourselves, which often leads to a new week of more stress. There are many health risks associated with busy lifestyles and hence to break the cycle, here are some easy suggestions to keep your weekends less stressful and welcome the new week with renewed zest.

Eating Right

One of the best ways to kick-start your weekend is to binge on healthy food and juices. Vegetable and fruit juices flush out toxins from the body and also keep the metabolism in check. Living in an environment where eating out is unavoidable, weekends are the best time to start cooking and eating healthy.

Working Out

Make up for all the lost time during the week to keep your body fit during the weekend. Working out is not just a feel-good factor, but a complete transformation from within. Make your workouts easy with all the great fitness equipment that Junglee has to offer.


Reading is not just a great hobby but an excellent exercise for your brain too. Find time to catch up on your favourite authors and also current affairs. To make your choices easy, there is a great collection of reading material to choose from on Junglee.


Practicing meditation is a great technique to keep you strong and calm during the week. It’s a great stress buster and improves concentration too. It’s almost impossible in the beginning to stay focused but it’s a vouched-for therapy for great mind-body balance.

Family Time

Family is most often neglected and weekends are the best time to spend time together. It can be anything from watching movies to playing a board game that brings everyone together. Nothing is as therapeutic, as tender love and care.

Hope these quick steps help you start the week on a positive note and also regain vitality lost due to a busy lifestyle. Stress no more. Junglee wishes you a great week ahead.



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