5 Natural and Handmade Skin Care Brands from Bangalore

Chemical-based skincare products might give you immediate results but they use harsh chemicals and toxins such as SLS, Parabens which can be harmful to your skin in the long run. Why depend on those chemical-loaded big-name brands when Mother Nature has all the cures?

Here are 5 brands from Bangalore that have taken it upon themselves to bring back the natural and the handmade in ways that we like:

1. Bubblove

From being a fun-loving RJ to a launching a successful line of organic, luxury soaps, Shwetha Shashank has come a long way. It all started with a mother's love for her new born, "Using a chemical soap on my infant son was a complete no-no; that is when I started making natural soap for him and other members in the family" says Shwetha. All the soaps by Bubblove are hand-made, hand-cut, and hand-packed-- safe to be used on the delicate skin of babies! Shop here

What we recommend: Bubblove's Orange Soap (INR 150) is one of the best handmade soaps around. Apart from infusing an energizing citrus aroma, this orange bar also helps in skin brightening, minimizing wrinkles and skin toning. Warning: these soaps look and smell so delicious you may want to eat them instead!

2. AVA

An organic product line that is chemical and paraben free, AVA products are made of ayurvedic extracts and aromatherapy notes. Their products range from face packs that could zap pimples to lip balms and all the way to gel scrubs and moisturizers. An ode to nature, this brand by Prithika Parthasarathy is completely worth an indulgence. Prithika elaborates that all AVA products are chemical free and use only organic preservatives. No wonder then that AVA is supplied to hotel chains such as JW Marriott, The Serai and Shangri-La. Shop here

What we recommend: AVA Frozen River face and body moisturizer SPF 15 (INR 790)- a deep potent anti-aging whipped body butter of rose essential oils combined with skin regeneration power of vetiver and natural sun protection.

3. Kind On Skin

Kind On Skin walks in with a simple motto of showing love and care for your skin. The products are packed with natural ingredients and are made in very limited quantity to control the aesthetics and the quality of soaps. The best part? These soaps are tested only on humans! With Kind on Skin and all its natural goodness, insuring the skin with the right things is now super easy. Shop here

What we recommend: Their papaya yogurt soap (INR 140) is an all-around beauty multitasker! Made with papaya pulp, yoghurt, and a blend of skin loving oils, it helps remove dead skin cell, fight acne, prevent premature aging, relieve sunburn and reduce discoloration. Enough advantages to try it at least once, we say!

4. Grace Potter

Particularly an organic gardening brand, Grace Potter by Yukti has recently started venturing in the world of chemical free, natural soaps. Using coconut oils and herbal essences produced in their very own organic farms, Grace Potter promises that their soaps will leave your skin feeling anew. Packed with rich glycerin and aromas that could floor royalty, these soaps are a sheer indulgence for showers every single day! Shop here

What we recommend: Organic coconut oil handmade soap with sandal fragrance. It's a no-fuss organic soap that will cost you merely INR 130.


5. Aroma Essentials

Aroma Essentials is a range of skincare products started by Madhurima way back in 2009. Hand-crafted moisturizers and soaps that make way for soft and supple skin are made completely free of any harsh petroleum and superficial oils. They are non-comedogenic, which means that these products will not block your pores, and are non-irritant to the skin, making them a preferred choice among loyalists. Shop here

What we recommend: Their neem face wash (INR 150), that has the goodness of aloe vera, is a deep-pore cleanser with anti-bacterial properties and comes highly recommended by many.


You can shop all these natural and organic skincare products on Junglee.com by clicking here. All these brands ship within Bangalore but many of them can also ship to other parts of India on demand. So do call them up on the phone number diplayed on product pages, for any enquiry.


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