How to Shoot Good Product Pictures

Product photos are much more important than you think - in an online store, they are the only way your customer can check out your products and reach a buying decision. While a good product picture can win you more orders, bad product pictures could cost you valuable potential customers.

Get your equipment in place

You will need a good quality camera, a tripod, white paper sheets or foam cards, a table, a tape and a well-lit room to begin with. You may as well stop reading this blog until you have figured these things out.

Once you have all the equipment, set up the table. Use the white sheets to create a seamless white background (fold the paper to create floor and wall) for your products. Also place the camera on the tripod.

Use natural light to your advantage

Shoot your picture in day time, preferably next to a window. If you have a large window, it would give you the perfect soft lighting to highlight your product and make it look more attractive. Make sure that the lighting is uniform and there are no hard shadows or highlights. You may even want to switch off all other lights in the room.

Shoot pictures from different angles

While shooting the product, make sure you have taken enough pictures from all possible angles. Keep clicking as many; then stop to evaluate if the angles and the lighting is good. Make a mental note of what works and what does not. Be prepared - you may have to take several shots before you get the right shot.

Pick interesting backgrounds

If you want to do something different, shoot your pictures with interesting backgrounds, using unique props around it. Place a watch around a pebble; a beer mug on a textured chopping board or an eye glass next to a stack of books. Check out how one of our sellers, Kuriyo, makes use of interesting settings to bring out the flavour in their product pics.

Retouch the pics

When shooting on a white background, your pictures might appear a little grey. These pictures will need a bit of touch up to come out in the right colour and tone. You can use post production software such as Adobe Lightroom to enhance the quality of your pictures.


Give a sense of scale

If you are into selling miniatures or products that do not have standard sizing, help your customers perceive your product better by placing a familiar object like a coin or a credit card next to it. It is a small step but goes a long way in helping a customer make a decision.

Keep calm and shoot on!

This post is part of a series of blog posts we are doing covering "how-tos" on various issues ranging from marketing and SEO to time management and product photography that small sellers venturing into the online space will find useful. Did you like it (or not)? Please comment to start a conversation.

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