Furnishing a Studio Apartment

Shop Furnishing from sellers on JungleeA studio apartment consists of a large room that serves as a living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining area all rolled into one. In some cases, people even incorporate a study or a work area into this one room.  If you’re living alone in an expensive city, studio apartments are often your best bet. And contrary to popular belief, this cost-effective option needn’t be cramped, cluttered or inconvenient. With a little planning, the right colour themes, suitable furniture and décor options, a studio apartment can be as aesthetic and comfortable as a regular apartment. Here’s how…

First, delineate the room into specific areas, keeping in mind the floor plan of your apartment. You could further separate these areas using area mats, carpets, or low shelves. Then, decide on a colour scheme for the apartment; it’s best to work with a lighter palette, as dark colours and décor tend to make a place look smaller, while light colours give the illusion of space. Using sheer or light curtains, placing a mirror opposite a window or placing a large landscape painting along one of the walls, are other easy ways of making a small space look larger. If you’d like to break the monotony of pale colours, add an accent wall in a bold or bright colour, and try working the colour into other elements in the décor of the apartment. Avoid using too many colours, mixing too many types of décor, art or prints – this can be overwhelming in a small area, and could end up making your apartment look cluttered and messy.

Shop Home Furnishing onlineNext, while choosing furniture for a studio apartment, select furniture that is a blend of function and form. You could try low bookshelves that double up as coffee tables, sofas that can be expanded into beds, beds with bed boxes, loft beds under which you can create your study area, and so on. Utilizing wall space through tall shelves, or shelves that can be hung on the walls of a room, is another great way of ensuring you make the best use of the space available to you. It also keeps other surfaces, such as table tops, kitchen counters, and other pieces of furniture, from getting cluttered.

Lastly, look for handy articles such as foldable laundry baskets, wall shelves, foldable divider screens, and so on. These articles can be stored away easily when not in use, ensuring you have everything you need, with next to no clutter.

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