Valentine's Day- Date Night Essentials

It’s that time of the year again, when love is in the air, and roses and chocolate and romantic poetry, rule the roost. And most women, are picking out what to wear to that special date, on V-day. We’ve put together a little list, to help you keep track of things.

First things first, and this is of supreme importance, find the perfect dress. It can be a fun, flirty number, like the red dress we’ve picked out here, or you could wear something dramatic- say a sleek dress in a deep jewel tone or a conservative black, if that’s more your style.

Team that perfect dress with just the right heels. Make sure you pick a height you’re used to, so that you can be comfortable, while looking suitably glam.

Third, accessorize. Wear a pair of pretty earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace, to complement your outfit. Limiting yourself to one or two pieces of jewellery, is generally a good idea. More than that could be overkill. Also, make sure you get yourself a clutch that matches or complements your outfit, to carry your phone, lip gloss, and other little things in.

Once you’re set on the dress, shoes, and accessories front, choose your make-up. Irrespective of the look you’re going for, a touch gloss or lipstick, mascara to brighten up your eyes, and a hint of blush are the bare essentials on the make-up front.

Finally, dab on your favourite perfume, and you’re all set for a perfect Valentine’s day date… don’t forget the smile!

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